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The Role Of The Father Essay

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The role of a father in his child’s life extends past the knowledge of far too many, and can oftentimes be eclipsed by the role of the mother. Although the mother’s role is essential and greatly valued in a child’s life and development, the father plays a significant role as well. No mother can fill the father’s place in a child’s heart, for fathers nurture and play differently than a mother. Several studies show that an attendant and highly involved father is critical, especially in the early stages of a child’s life. The absence of a father during this stage can lead to “impaired social and behavioral abilities in adults” (Robert, 2013). But what is the role of the father? This paper ...view middle of the document...

” It is ultimately the man’s choice on how involved he wants to be, but the more involved he chooses to be, the easier the pregnancy is on the mother.
Most expectant fathers choose to participate in the birthing experience alongside of their partner. The Guardian actually reports that now almost 86% of men are present during their child’s delivery (Moorehead, 2013). These men’s jobs are to serve as a labor coach for the mother. To prepare for this job, a man must learn about what occurs during a pregnancy. Soon-to-be parents often feel scared or unprepared for the arrival of their baby, and these visits can help them feel more at ease. It can teach the father how to cope with a difficult situation or complication and how to remain calm and helpful for the mother. Attending prenatal visits with the mother is an excellent way for the father to learn as much as he can. On average, the mother has fifteen routine prenatal visits, and the more of these visits the father attends, the better he can help the mother decide what is best for both her and the baby throughout the pregnancy (Moorehead, 2013).
Attending birthing classes is another great option for expectant fathers who are preparing to be labor coaches, and it is suggested they attend them several times. In addition to helping the man discover the best and most practical ways to support the mother while giving birth, these classes help prepare the man for possible complications or obstacles. It is not uncommon for a woman to be in labor for 24 hours, so it is imperative the man learns how to handle these types of situations calmly. There is no way to predict the length or difficulty of the birthing experience, and taking birthing classes will help prepare the father for most any circumstance.
There are several tips for the labor coach that will make things run much smoother once the day arrives. Before anyone leaves for the hospital, the father should help pack a bag for the mother but also for himself. They may be at the hospital for several, long hours, so the father should bring items from home to help him with the wait. Some of these include: snacks, books or magazines, iPod, extra clothes, toiletries, comfortable shoes, and pillows (Smith, 2012).
Once at the hospital, the father should be an advocate for the mother (Smith, 2012). If she needs something from the doctor or nurses, she may not be able to speak up for herself. This is when the father needs to step up and communicate what is needed for her. As a labor coach, the father should also be encouraging toward the mother. Labor is no easy process, and the mother could greatly benefit from being cheered on and told what a magnificent job she is doing. She could also benefit from the father easing some of her discomfort. This can be done by massaging her lower back or even helping her take a warm shower if it is allowed. Helping her find a distraction is another way of attempting to ease her discomfort. The father could take...

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