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The Role Of The Netherlands On Illegal Deforestation In The Amazon By Importing Brazilian Beef

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containing a) background to the research problem, b) references to empirical literature on what is known about the subject, c) references to empirical ‘gaps‘ (no or little information, bad information, etc.), d) references to the research relevance, and e) clear and well formulated research question(s) (500 words)

Brazil’s economy is growing rapidly. The country has gained the sixt position of the world’s largest economy in the world (Boekhout van Solinge & Kuijpers, 2013: 209). The expanding cattle industry plays an important role for their economic growth. Lots of countries are interested in Brazilian Beef, but to answer the enormous demand of beef, Brazil has to take over more ground in order to let their cattle graze. This large-scale industry has generated heavy pressure on the region’s natural resources, especially on the Amazon Rainforest. The destroying of this forest has deep destructive consequents for the earth, humans and animals. Also the Netherlands is one of the main destinations of Brazilian beef export. Having become aware of the connection between globalized meat consumption and illegal deforestation, this research was designed to study the case of the role of the Netherlands on illegal deforestation by importing Brazilian beef. In this study, I used the following researchquestion: “What is the Role of the Netherlands on illegal deforestation in the Amazon by importing Brazilian beef?”.

- What is known about this subject and what is not known about this subject (empirical gaps).
- The aim of this research is to
- The relevance of this research is:
Voorbeeld: Although there has been considerable research on the field of state crime, and corporate crime, the study of harm produced by the interaction of the two, has not received much academic attention. Therefore, following research seeks to contribute to the field by studying the harms produced by state- corporate interaction, in the gold mining scene.
Data Analysis

In this part of the paper theory and data comes together. To get an answer on the researchquestion: “What is the Role of the Netherlands on illegal deforestation in the Amazon by importing Brazilian beef?”, four different elements are distinguished en studied: Brazil and the cattle industry, the relation between cattle industry and illegal deforestation, the European Union regarding this matter and as last the Netherlands and its Brazilian beef importation.

Brazil and the cattle industry

Cattle ranching has been expanding continuously since the early 1970’s (Greenpeace International, 2008: 3). Now, Brazil is the owner of the largest commercial bovine herd in the world. Around 40% of this herd is located in the Amazon (Neihardt & Campos, 2009: 1). This is also confirmed by dr. Tim Boekhout van Solinge said in the interview: “In whole Brazil, you find cows, but that is especially increased in the Amazon.”

Image 1.1
Also in image 1.1 you can see the enormous amount of cattle in the legal...

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