The Role Of Television In Today's Society

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The Role of Television in Today's Society

Has this technical box indoctrinated our minds with useless facts and
images or has it given us a sensation of enjoyment, education and pure
entertainment? Television has become ubiquitous across the globe.
Nearly every household in Britain owns at least one television if not
more. In my house we have three. For the past 80 years, this piece of
technology has become more popular, cheaper and becoming more
advanced. In London, 27th January 1926, John Logie Baird demonstrated
the first fully working television. Two years later, the colour
television was shown to the world. Though it was not until December
1953, that the colour system was adopted for broadcast in the USA. The
first high-definition television service in the world was the BBC in
November 1936.

Television images started off with fuzzy, distorted black and white
pictures. We now live in an era, where there's digital surround sound
television systems. It was only after about twenty years after the
first demonstration of the television, that television actually became
popular. Before then, it was a great luxury to own one, as it was so
expensive, not many people could afford it. It has now become a
necessity, nearly every home now owns one. When flicking through
holiday brochures, you check if the hotel has a television. You can
buy a television from as low as £50. In 1956, the first video player
was invented in California. People could now record programmes and
watch them later or buy videos to watch. This meant people now could
watch more by being able to watch one programme while recording
another to watch later. In 1973, teletext and ceefax began allowing
people to access information on screen.

In the 1970 and 80's saw the growth of pay television, cable networks,
which can only be received by subscribers and of owners of such
devices as the Qube System (USA). This system allowed the home
viewer's opinions to be transmitted instantly to the studio via a
response button, so for example, viewers at home could vote in a
talent competition by a touch of a button, without having to pick up
the phone. In 1989, satellite television was introduced to the UK,
allowing people to watch a whole new variety of channels. Recently,
NICAM has been introduced, flat screen and wide screen television sets
have been made to allow state of the art cinematic viewing in the
comfort of our own homes. DVD players are now becoming more common
allowing another way of watching better quality images and sound on
screen. People are now competing with one another to have the best
television system. With so many new advances being made, it makes this

Some television channels are now on for 24 hours a day, making
television on anytime of the day, there's no time boundary, you just

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