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Throughout the course of the semester I feel as thought the roles of women from the readings we have read all relate to each other. I don’t think that the roles of women in British and colonial society changed much, if not at all. Each reading that we have read, the women’s role is mainly to stay home with her children to raise them and tend to them while the husband works and makes the income while sheltering his family. Another role that the women throughout these time periods is that most of them don’t know the outside world because of not doing much but raising their children. A role of women throughout British and colonial society is that the pressure of society influences on them. The ...view middle of the document...

” The main role of the women is to be a true wife to her husband and to be “incapable of error.” Within this as in the reading states “she may set herself above her husband, but that she may never fail from his side.”

In Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest, the women did not get to make many decisions about their families and were mainly considered the housewife. These women were not well educated, unlike their husbands, but they weren’t expected to be. Women are expected to be advanced in their beauty. In this play, the women are a part of the upper class and when they were going to marry someone, they only wanted to marry someone that is Ernest. If a woman wanted to marry someone they first had to have it approved by their parents. Lady Bracknell says, “When did you become engaged to someone, I, or not your father, should his health permit him, will inform you of the fact.” If her parents were to not approve of him, she would not be allowed too get married to him even if she loved him. Jack loves Gwendolyn and because his name is also Ernest she knows that she wants to marry him because he is an Earnest. She thinks highly of him and he is in the same social class as her, and that’s a standard that the women had to live up too. If your parents would not approve of the guy you wanted to marry, you aren’t allowed too, and that’s a major role that women had to abide by even if they liked it or not.

In “The Garden Party,” by Katherine Mansfield the role of women in British and colonial society is much like the Victorian age women. The women in this story do not have any jobs outside of their home and had servants within their house to do different things for the family. The most of their worries throughout the story was having a successful garden party at their house. Her mother wanted to make Laura into an “ideal woman” and because of this she was leaving the planning the party up to her. The mother says, “I’m determined to leave everything to you children this year. Forget I am your mother. Treat me as an honored guest.” Laura wasn’t educated in literature but she was learning how to set up for a party, give orders to servants, and arrange flowers. While Laura is doing all of this there are many times when she comes across situations that make her question if she is doing this right thing or not. Examples of these times is when she didn’t know if she should eat the bread in front of the servants and she didn’t think she should wear her fancy hat to the Scott’s house to deliver food to them. The role of women is obvious in this play, and Laura is a young girl growing up to be an ideal woman of modernism.

“A Room of Ones Own” is an example of the roles of women in British and colonial society. In this story, Wolf creates this character as Shakespeare’s sister to show how the women were treated in this era. It is a frustration to women about their roles that they played and to the things that they did not have any control over. The...

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