The Role Of Women In The Play Our Town By Thorton Wilder.

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The question was: "Show how Wilder makes the audience aware of the role of women in the play Our Town."Wilder makes the audience aware of the role of women in the play by making them appear traditional and as they stay at home all the time, it seems they are only house wives that never leave the house to socialise with anyone outside the immediate community.One of the women's roles in the play would be to look after the health of the family. Mrs Gibbs is found in her garden stringing beans for the winter. Beans are very healthy and are good for people to eat. This also shows that the stereotypically women would be the member of the family that would most, if not all, of the cooking. She knows that her two children don't like them, but she notices that they manage to eat them in winter. This shows that they have grown up eating whatever their mother cooks for them as they know that the mother would only give them food that is good for them. This shows that the mother looks after the children's health and that the cares enough about them that they don't go hungry. Women are generally more concerned about their health as Mrs Webb talks to Mrs Gibb about a slight cold that Mrs Gibb has, whereas men normally wouldn't talk about little things like that, they would be more concerned about local sport etc.Mrs Gibbs wants her husband to go on a holiday with her to Paris, France, so he can get away from work and get a chance to relax and have a break from work. She never gets her holiday to Paris as in the third act; we are told that Emily and George got the money for the farm when Mrs Gibbs died. This shows that women would be very caring and considerate as she sacrificed her chance at having a holiday to Paris, for her daughter and son in law. This shows that mothers would also be related to love and affection. Paris is associated with love and romance, and as she wanted to go here with her husband, it...

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