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The Role Played By Fate Or Chance In The Love Affair Of Romeo And Juliet.

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At the very beginning of the play we hear of fate 'a pair of star-crossed lovers'. This implies that from the very beginning, the young couple were destined to fall in love and then die. 'Star-crossed' refers to the astrological outlook on destiny that was much more widely accepted when Shakespeare wrote his tragedy, maybe that is why it holds peoples interest so much because in the modern world, most people believe that they have a sense of responsibility and can control their own lives. People may find it interesting as a different outlook on life.Romeo and Juliet are the main characters used to demonstrate the way that fate and chance have a great influence over our lives. From these fated events comes tragedy but a Shakespearean tragedy is never only sad. In this play there is the contrasting love that heals old wounds from their deaths so we are led to believe that in the end after all the terrible things that happen to Romeo and Juliet; love overcomes hate. The self-sacrifice of Romeo and Juliet who are equal in love, and willing to die for each other, is a strong contrast to the hate that is alive in Verona between the two families. This is shown continually throughout the play especially between the younger generations. 'Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford no better term than this: thou art a villain.'I think that it is such a powerful drama because nobody can really be blamed for their deaths. To some extent we may blame some of the other characters ; The Friar, Mercutio, Tybalt, The fathers but if Romeo and Juliet's lives are ruled by fate then so must the other characters lives so in the end all the events that occur, regardless of who's actions they are, are all fated.It is so tragic because we know that they are so in love but we also know that form the start their deaths are unavoidable. 'Death-marked love', this shows us that their love could only be noticed by their death. It is tragic because they fall in love so much that they become ignorant to the dangers all around them. When they meet on the balcony, Juliet is still aware of the dangers, 'If they do see thee, they will murder thee' but from then on they ignore all advice and pursue their love affair.Juliet also forgets that she has agreed to marry Paris if she likes him 'I'll look to like' but I feel that she only says this to please her mother and father and, even before she meets Romeo, is still not keen on the idea of marrying so at such an early age. We must not forget that she has not actually agreed to marry him until later on in the play where she is forced to agree to marry Paris and the situation is unavoidable.Their passion is so powerful which is why Shakespeare deliberately made them young characters to show this new found passion and because they are a new generation who are ignoring social convention. This comes into play when Juliet disobeys her father about getting married. Verona is a patriarchal city. Fathers hold virtually absolute sway over their...

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