The Role Of The Media In British Political State

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The media plays an extremely important role within the British political system, even if one doesn't imagine so to begin with. All world events are informed to the public via the media as they give us a framework for understanding past, present and future events. Our political world is changing every day and to keep up with our changing world one needs a source that is changing along with the world as well. The functions of the media it has been argued enhance and strengthen the quality of democracy in Britain. This is because the influence of mass media which has an enormous impact on the people in society, because the mass media in Britain facilitate democracy by allowing a wide variety of views to be expressed. There is a relationship between mass media and society as there is the view that the media are part of democracy since they are themselves a 'free' institution. The media assist the working of a democratic system through facilitating free speech and unrestricted public debate. However, some who believe that the media are anti-democratic argues this with their power to manipulate the way people think about politics. With these two notions in mind, I think that this demonstrates the overall power of the mass media, since they can either set people's minds against the political system or help to generate popular support for it. The mass media refers to all those forms of communication where large numbers of people are exposed to an identical message. The mass media provide the ideas and images, which help most people to understand the world they live in and their place in that world. (Coxall, B.Robins, L. & Leach, R. (2003). Along with politicians, the public, parties and other organizations, the media play a crucial role in structuring and widening political debate in Britain so that issues such as environment, law and order, or the state of the public services receive attention and are addressed by the government.Media is mass communication, a connection all over the world that informs, entertains and influences people. Examples of media are things such as TV, Internet, periodicals, music and radio. A common assumption is that an individual can control what he sees, thinks, or feels. To an extent this true. However, can something so popular and prevalent as media have an effect on the average person without their knowing it? Television programmes have to compete with each other in order to gain more viewers and readers. They therefore have to make their programmes more attractive to the viewer so there is usually a tendency to make the news more attractive by treating it as entertainment rather than serious news. This may explain why some newspapers are bought more than others because the popular papers provide the public with what they want to read. In terms of a free market, these papers will thrive, while unpopular and unread papers will struggle, with perhaps valid information regarding communities going unread. Although most...

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