The Roles And Impacts Of Computers And Communications Technology

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The Roles and Impacts of Computers and Communications Technology

I am specifically going to speak about foreign workers handling UK
consumer calls and IT jobs in general, better known as offshoring or
out-sourcing. Below I have tried to out-line some of the good and bad
points about the subject


The advocates of offshoring describe it as having high potential;
moving jobs to a low cost labour market will save money and provide a
good source of employment for the local people. Also as developing
countries become richer, they will also buy more from us and invest
more in our economy. UK exports of goods and services to India alone
are already worth around £2.5billion a year, securing thousands of UK

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) believe that the UK also
stands to gain from growing world prosperity and a bigger global
market for British goods and services. Offshoring will allow Britain
to remain competitive, ensuring that the UK economy continues to
generate new and sustainable jobs and new business opportunities.
There is also the opportunity to gain from global partnerships.


Offshoring can have a negative effect on the morale of remaining
onshore staff; furthermore, the low wages offshore could put downward
pressure on remaining workers’ wages. The company risks trade union
and public criticism, which could affect customer loyalty and
satisfaction. Overseas workers at call centres may be unable to help
beyond their training script, so there could be a reduction in quality.
There are a number of challenges the offshore workforce will face:

cultural differences may create difficulties in forming relationships,

remotely can be difficult and the service may require local knowledge,
such as geography, or an understanding of British systems, i.e. NHS

My personal opinion

I am totally fed up with ending up in call centres in India. It makes
the whole experience lengthy, stressful and frustrating. I hate not
being able to speak normally, having to repeat and spell almost
everything said and the whole experience is one I could do without. I
already have changed a bank for this reason. It Is ridiculous. Why
should people have to put up with it? It seems to me just a way to
make companies have a healthier bottom line, also no executive wants
to give up their perks!

As a student soon to be looking for work in the UK, I am fully in
support of those who hold the view that companies that served mainly
British customers should support jobs in Britain. They should be
punished if they don’t, either by consumer boycotting or by government
taxes or both. Since many corporations are copying each other due to
corporate greed there is mass influx of unemployed highly skilled
workers, without a place for them to go, it will...

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