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The Roles And Responsibilities Essay

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Midwifery Annotated Bibliography
The roles and responsibilities of Midwives in Primary Health Care
Devane, D., Gates, S., Hatem, M., Sandall, J., Soltani, H., (2009), Midwife-led versus other models of care for childbearing women (Review), 3
In this article Devane et al. compared midwife led care of pregnant women with other models of care such as medical doctors being the primary care provider. The aim of the study is to establish wether there are significant differences in the outcomes between a midwives being the primary carer compared to other models. The authors used pregnant women who were randomly allocated to either midwife led care or other models of care during the ante and ...view middle of the document...

The authors concluded that the six short questions was a successful tool in measuring satisfaction among women during pregnancy. However they recommend further research be conducted to replicate this finding.

Devane, D., Walsh D., (2012), A Metasynthesis of Midwife-Led Care, Qualitive health research, 22(7), 897-910

In this article Devane. D and Denis. Walsh reviewed how in the Western World of maternity cares systems, medicalized labor and cesarean births are on the rise. The aim of this study is to investigate qualitative research concerning midwife-led care to see if it indicates why low-risk pregnancies experience less intervention within this model of care. The authors reviewed 11 studies using qualitative research. This article is useful to my research topic as it shows the role that midwives play in midwife-led care, minimalizing medicalized labor and cesarean births. The authors concluded the rate of intervention could be directly connected to the experience by women within a midwife-led model of care.

Barwell, F., Hicks, C., Surgeon, P., ( 2003), Changing Childbirth: a pilot project. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 42(6), 617-628

In this article Barwell, Hicks and Spurgeon reviewed how continuity of care through a team of midwives is directly related to higher satisfaction for women compared to traditional models of care. The aim of this study is to compare outcomes of changing childbirth initiative, allowing continuity of care by a group of midwives in midwife-led care. The authors randomly allocated 200 women to either midwifery-led care or a traditional model of care. Data was collected via questionnaires during the postpartum period. A limitation of this study is that previous attempts to introduce changing childbirth initiative revealed significant problems within the continuity of carer requirement. This is article is relevant to my research topic as it shows that the group that had the midwife-led continuity of care was greatly more satisfied with their care. Therefore, showing the important of midwives in the care of women.

Beake, S., Hewison, J., McCourt, C., Page, L., Vail, A., (1999), Clinical interventions and outcomes of One-to-One midwifery practice, 21(3), 243-248

In this article Beake et al. reviewed the report of the Expert Maternity Group, Changing Childbirth, in relation to One-to-One midwifery practice. The aim of the study was to evaluate one-to-one care compared with the care system it replaced, consultant-led shared care. It was a comparative study of 450 cases per model of care and was collected from women living in two different neighborhoods. This article is useful to my research as it shows that one on one midwifery based care is important to maternal care. The limitations of the study is that it was only focused in a certain geographical area and therefore, randomization of midwives and women participating was impossible. The study confirmed that One-to-One midwifery practice proves a better quality...

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