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The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher

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This essay will outline the roles and responsibilities of a teacher in life long learning. It will then explain the relationship between teachers and other professionals in the life long learning. Finally, this essay will explore how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment.
1.1. List the key aspect of legislation, regulation requirement and codes of practice related to your subject.
Being a teacher in life long learning sector is a big responsibility and there are lots of policies which govern teaching as a whole. This paper will talk about the key legislations and policies which health and social care teachers are required to adhere to in my chosen area. ...view middle of the document...

The Health and Safety policy concerns:
- Ensuring the environment is safe and free from hazard
- Assessing risks before carrying out tasks
- Checking equipment for fault before use
- - Use appropriate personal protective clothing.( Bingham p. 292)

As a health and social care lecture you must ensure that the learning environment is safe from hazards. Before the students arrive in the classroom, the tutor should carry out a risk assessment by looking around the room and making sure the floor is dry, there is no spillage and objects on the floor which can cause falls and trips. Moreover, the room temperature should be the right temperature not too cold and not too hot.
Seating should be appropriate, there should be no broken chairs, and the electricity has to be safe there should not be faulty cables or wires hanging out of the walls. The tutor must make sure that he or she knows who the college nurse and first aiders are and their locations. In case of a fire, the teachers must make sure that the class room is displaying clearly the instructions of how to evacuate the room, where to go, the fire exit, the assembly point. Teachers need to bear in mind supporting and assisting any individuals who require assistance while evacuating the room.

The data protection Act (1998) involves with
- Protecting personal data whether it’s in a file or on a computer
- Storing confidential information
- Maintaining confidentiality
- Accurate and appropriate record keeping (Bingham p. 292)
Therefore, health and social care lecturers must protect student’s personal data. Health and social care teachers, as with any other teachers, deal with sensitive information as they record student’s personal details and their record of achievement. Therefore, teachers must make sure that no one has access to the computer where they usually keep the students personal details and their records of achievements, only people who are authorised to access can have access. The computer must be password protected and it is also important to protect the password itself. The teachers must protect the student’s Privacy and maintain confidentiality at all times. However, if there is a disclosure they must inform the designated officer to best protect and safeguard the victim.
1.2. Analyse your responsibility to promote equality and diversity by reviewing a number of ways.
The Health and Social Care sector is an institution which combines the improving, protecting and promoting the psychological health, physical health including age related health, the safety, the security and overall the wellbeing of individuals. For that reason health and social care teachers are expected by law to uphold and implement all the policies related to the health and social care sector, this includes education policies. In this way teachers will be able to deliver an effective lesson where each learner regardless of who they are can have en equal access and the teacher can become a good...

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