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The Roles Of Characters In Safety Of Objects

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The Safety Of Objects tries so hard to get it's point across,it started to become annoying after a bit. Half of the characters in this film,are so selfish,I couldn't relate to any of them,in fact the only one,was Glenn Close's,and even she was somewhat selfish. All of the characters in this movie,either have something tragic happened to them,or they are having,relationship problems,and they all connect to each other at one point,or another. I'll go over the stories.

Glenn Close-Esther. Loses her son to a coma,in a ghastly accident. Grief stricken over the loss, she's not herself,and tries to please her daughter as much as possible. At times I felt for her,she was a good mom,and god knows,plenty of mothers would act that way,and rightfully so. It's just,she came across,as a bit cold,during her conversations with her son in the coma. She gives the best performance in the film,by far though,she is often a revelation.

Dermot Mulroney-Jim. Thinks his wife may be cheating on him,while stressing out,over not getting the promotion,he had yearned for. Dermot is not a favorite of mine, i'll get that out in the open, right now. Dermot though, gives a solid show here. We feel for him,as the family man.

Patricia Clarkson-Annette. Has a pair of troubled daughters. One is mentally troubled,while the other,is a 12 year old smoker,who looks very much like a young boy,while having an ex husband,who is rarely around. It's also revealed,she's had a romance with Paul, the coma victim. Patricia is an excellent actress,and here is no different. I would rank her 3rd,as the most sympathetic. She tried hard as the mother,and I often felt for her,but the film didn't give me much reason, to care for her.

Joshua Jackson-Paul is the victim of an unfortunate car...

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