The Roles Of Human Resource Management In Organizations

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Human Resource Management plays many key roles in the success of an organization. Human resource management could be defined in several different ways, but the most common definition for this is that of the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes and performance (Bryars, 2011). Companies can indeed run without an HR department, but it is most likely that they will not succeed. The HR department in any organization is what keeps the company running smoothly and as a whole.
We can assume that in any successful business or organization, an HR department is run by a group of highly trained individuals who are able to multi-task, keep customers and ...view middle of the document...

This does not just include the atmosphere that they work in, but also the benefits that the employee receives, the amount of support they get if they are having problems with perhaps a paycheck, and the further training and development that is available to them (Bianca, 2010.). Any employee in their right mind would not want to work with a company or even be involved with one who was not looking out for their best interest to help them in any issues they may encounter at work. It is so important in the business world today to have those fast paced employees that can quickly solve problems when it comes to any aspect, whether is an employees pay or a discrepancy in a business account. These employees are truly an asset to any company and hard to find or replace.
The Human Resource Department has many jobs to keep under control, and some of the most important jobs in the company. It is this department’s task to keep up on the federal laws and taxes that affect the organization as well as the other managerial tasks that are needed to be achieved in order to meet that company’s goal...

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