The Roles Of Nurse And Mercutio In Romeo And Juliet

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Mercutio and Nurse, the companions of Romeo and Juliet, do not fully understand true love. Their outlook on life and sex is quite different from the two main characters. This variation is intended to be, and is what makes them comical characters. Nurse and Mercutio are parallel because they both supply the personality in “Romeo and Juliet” that is not possessed by the two main characters. The aspect that is shown by Romeo and Juliet is love. Nurse and Mercutio provide the humor throughout the play.
The relationship that Mercutio has with Romeo is sturdy in all areas except love. This opposition can clearly be seen when Montague talks about Romeo’s depression over Roseline. “And private in his chamber pens himself, shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out, and makes himself an artificial night” (I.I.119-121). Romeo shuts himself in his room since Roseline rejected his love. From this quote, Romeo is a glum, melancholy teenager who has a dilemma with one girl in particular. Mercutio on the other hand is a complete opposite when it comes to love. His headstrong theory is “If love be rough with you, be rough with love” (I.IV.27). These simple quotes demonstrate the contradictory views of love from Mercutio and Romeo. Nurse and Juliet also have a bond that lacks understanding on love. Their relationship is quite strong and Nurse is like a second mother to Juliet. Nurse acts as a counselor for Juliet. An example of the relationship holding different positions on love is shown when Nurse weeps for Tybalt while Juliet weeps for Romeo. “Will you speak well of him that killed your cousin? Shall I speak ill of him that is my husband?” (III.II.94-95) Nurse does not fully understand Juliet’s love for Romeo.

Mercutio and Nurse have a more normal view of life and sex. Their approach to life is to settle with what you have whereas, Romeo and Juliet believe in going past the limits for true love. At the Capulet party, Nurse says that the man who marries Juliet “shall have the chinks” (I.V.118). Nurse means that whoever marries her is going to be rich. This quote proves that Nurse is just like everyone else and thinks of marriage as gains rather than love. It seems like Nurse cares more about money than love. Rather than mention how wonderful Juliet is as a person to Romeo, she chooses to mention how much money she...

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