The Roles, Salary, And Job Outlook Of Directing

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Theatre has always been a topic of interest in my life. I would watch movies and be more intrigued by character choices, make-up, costumes, and background instead of the actual movie itself. I would find myself thinking of things I would have done different in a film, especially films that were based off of books. So, in the 5th grade, at Handley Elementary, I made the decision to enter SASA middle school in the Theatre concentration. I really liked Theatre, but I eventually grew tired of being on stage. I enjoyed things like critiquing monologue pieces, building sets, being part of the stage crew, and analyzing scripts more than actually performing. In the 10th grade, I was assigned to be ...view middle of the document...

The work they do may be done in a studio or on location, both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor film shoots can take place in all types of weather conditions. Directors may deal with a lot of stress involved with meeting deadlines, staying within budgets, and working with difficult actors. Directors work long days and irregular hours. On average, they work 10-13 hours days, 60-80 hours a week. During a production, they may work weekends, holidays, and on their days off in order to meet a deadline.
My skills, interests, and developing knowledge align with these requirements because due to being in a theatre class for six years, I am good at dealing with working under stressful conditions. I am also good at working with difficult actors. I have a lot of knowledge in what it takes in order to run a show, and I am willing to put myself under the stress that it takes because at the end of the show, when it all comes together and the audience cheers and talks about how great the show was, all the hard work and stress pays off.
A few skills needed in order to work in this profession are speaking, instructing, active listening, reading comprehension, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and judgment and decision making. Speaking, instructing, and active listening are necessary skills because in order to direct a show, you have to have a vision. With your vision, you have to be able to convey your thoughts to your crew. You have to speak to them and instruct them on what you see, so that they can see the same thing that you see. Active listening is needed because you have to be open-minded to what your crew suggests and inquires about. As a director it is important to have good reading comprehension and critical thinking. These skills are important because you have to be able to comprehend the script that you are reading and choosing to interpret. Complex problem solving comes into place with the stressful working conditions. Sometimes in order to meet a deadline you have to give up other things you wanted to do, solving the problem. Judgment and decision making are great skills to have because when casting a show, having good judgment will help you decide which actor is better for the part. There are many more skills that are important to being a director, with every career there are countless skills for a person to have.
Someone working in this career field can start out making $18.33 an hour with $38,120 a year and work their way up to making $33.66 an hour with $70,020 a year. The average number of openings for a Director is 66. 13 are added, while 53 are replaced. The outlook for this career in Michigan is estimated to increase by seven percent in a ten year stretch.
There are no set education requirements required to become a director. However, it is a good idea to complete some type of related post-secondary training. Some programs that are relevant to becoming a director include those in theatre arts and directing, film production,...

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