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The Rolling Stones And Justin Bieber

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Although fame and being in the spotlight may seem like it’s all fun and games, when a celebrity starts doing bad things, those things spread like wild fire. The tabloids create an extended truth about the stories that actually take place. Everything that a star does is captured in either a video or a picture. All the privacy that you once had is now gone. You represent that nation to other countries and how we as Americans are suppose to be acting. All the bad things that our celebrities do, other countries see and base our nation upon. The actions, good or bad, are looked at as if we all do them. It persuades other countries and their people to get an opinion about Americans. It’s the same concept as when you go to a different country and they assume all Americans are fat because we have McDonalds. All of these facts factor into our appearance as individuals and as a community. The same concept follows with music and our celebrities. The Rolling Stones and Justin Bieber represent different time periods and how society has changed within the last few decades, but some of the actions stayed the same. There are drug scandals, ruined relationships, and a musical difference that is undeniable. The years have gone on and the actions had gotten worse. The Stones as well as Beiber have both had a massive impact on the world and the people that live in it.
Justin Bieber is suppose to be a role model for today’s society and demonstrates the immiturity of stars his age and how when you have “fans” all the fame can go straight to your head and you can start to believe you’re untouchable. “Why the f**k are you doing this? What the f**k did I do? Why did you stop me?” Bieber cussed out a cop when he was pulled over for drag racing in Miami. During the stop, Justin failed a sobriety test, admitted to under age drinking, smoking weed and taking some antidepressant prescription pills that his mother gave him. “I’m crazy, I’m nuts. Just the way my brain works. I’m not normal. Just the way my brain works,” Bieber claims. Were all his actions really because he’s different though? No two people are the same and not everyone goes out pulling stunts the way he has. Over the last five years Justin has been careless with the stunts he has pulled and the things he has let take place. He has been caught fighting with paparazzi, he was urinating in a mop bucket in a New York restaurant, and a photo of him had gotten out of him sleeping that was taken by a women that had been identified as either a hooker, porn star, or model. He has showed up late to a numerous number of his own concerts, and was even photographed exiting a van which seemed to have a pot smoke cloud coming out of it. There have been reports of Justin cussing out random strangers with what seems to be an amount of alarming regularity. Teenagers and even people a bit older and younger look up to Justin Bieber as a role model and they idolize him, he demonstrates how you can do bad things and look “cool”...

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