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The Rolling Stones And Justin Bieber: Scandals In The Spotlight

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Although fame and being in the spotlight may seem like it’s all fun and games, when a celebrity starts doing bad things, those things spread like wild fire. The tabloids create an extended truth about the stories that actually take place. Everything that a star does is captured in either a video or a picture. All the privacy that you once had is now gone. You represent that nation to other countries and how we as Americans are suppose to be acting. All the bad things that our celebrities do, other countries see and base our nation upon. The actions, good or bad, are looked at as if we all do them. The Rolling Stones and Justin Bieber represent different time periods and how society has ...view middle of the document...

He has showed up late to a numerous number of his own concerts, and was even photographed exiting a van which seemed to have a pot smoke cloud coming out of it. There have been reports of Justin cussing out random strangers with what seems to be an amount of alarming regularity. Teenagers and even people a bit older a younger look up to Justin Bieber as a role model and they idolize him, he demonstrates how you can do bad things and look “cool” and careless. That impacts the children in today’s society because they assume that if it’s alright for him to do, then they are able to as well.
The Rolling Stones may have been an older and more inventive band, but their personal behavior wasn’t much better than Justin’s. “Although Brian’s estrangement from his band-mates, his numerous arrest were caused by personal problems with drugs..” His drugs seemed to have gotten the best of him because in July of 1969 Brian was found dead in his swimming pool. The musical artist had signs of a drug overdose. Mr. Jones died at the age of 27, joining the infamous “27 club” of rockstars who died at the age of 27. (Insert Quote Here). Keiths life was anything but calm. He was trying to focus on his music while at the same time trying to balance a family crisis that was taking place. He managed to seem like himself at anytime, while he was struggling with emotional pain and drug abuse. This demonstrated to the public how much pressure can truly be put on you when it seems that everyone is watching your every move. People became more worried about the things that they seemed to put in their bodies. Everything was a little more relaxed and calming then it seems in today’s society. Hearing about drugs, or a scandal seemed less common back then than it does now.
The personal behavior that our role models have does affect their personal relationships. “I have dumped a girl over the phone- it’s terrible isn’t it? We got into an argument during a phone call so I basically said, ‘I don’t wanna be with you anymore,’ and she cried.” If Justin impacts our public as much as we all believe he does, shouldn’t that also count for relationships? He was inconsiderate of that girls feelings and only thought about himself. Selena Gomez and Justin had been in an on and off again relationship for (a few years.) They were very happy but once Justin started smoking weed and getting into trouble things had to change. Selena asked him to stop smoking, Justin refused. She then ended things because she said she never saw him enough and she simply could not trust him. “ a mom, it’s been difficult having her child go through all that and not being able to fix it.” Justin’s parents were high school sweethearts and split up after 17 year old Pattie Mallette had Justin. His mom claims that she only wants the best for her son while Justin tells people that his mom gives him pills. Biebers relationship with his father isn’t much better. His dad had served time in prison for assault and...

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