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The Roman Colosseum Essay

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In Rome the buildings were constructed under Roman Empire. The Roman Colosseum was constructed between 69 to 79 CE by the Vespasian emperor, The Circus Maximum was built in the 2nd century B.C by the high emperor, in 31 B.C the fire destroyed it that led Emperor Augustus to rebuild the Circus in 82 AD, Ludus Magnus was a gladiatorial training school in Rome and it was originally built between 81-96AD by Emperor Domitian. The emperor’s theme was large public stone buildings that would bring the people of Rome together and also the emperor was rich and they had manpower. The emperors also patron towards the workers and also to prove that they are the great leaders. The emperors had money, a ...view middle of the document...

People in this century doesn’t understand the difficulties that and challenges of building an entire building made out of stone without any modern tool or equipment. The colosseum was made out of travertine (limestone), tuff (porous stone), tiles and bricks and Roman cement. Colosseum was renovated many times. In shape, the Colosseum measures 187.5x159.5 metres. The height of the Colosseum was originally about 52 metres. The Colosseum was meant to convey the power of the Roman Empire through its sheer size. Vespasian built numerous of public buildings with spoils creating space for the public to enjoy. Colosseum turned out to be the most famous project for Vespasian. He got political and social respect by constructing buildings for the public to enjoy. Today Colosseum is a major tourist attraction also providing many ceremonies that has to do with religion.
An inscription was found on the site, the emperor Vespasian ordered this new amphitheater to be constructed from his share of booty, which was the money that was gained from the enemy at the “Great Jewish Revolt” in 70AD.

The Colosseum was adjusted regarding the demands of each site but the basic pattern of the Colosseum is repeated and it isn’t visible easily. The measuring of the arena was approximately 300 x 180 Roman feet. The conside3re3d ratio was 5.3. The width of the arena was equalled to the width of the auditorium and in the Colosseum it was equalled the height of the external façade. When the length ofthe Colosseum was planned depending on the request of the reconstruction as 660 feet long (300+360) and 540 Roman feet wide. Today the same numerical pattern could be seen in the Colosseum’s famous façade (for example the height of the 2 middle stories are twice the inter-columnar width). Between the Colosseum and Circus Maximus there was an arcade that had passages which helped the audience reach the seats and stairs that led to the different levels in a similar pattern as the Colosseum.

Circus Maximus was one of Rome’s first and largest circuses. It was used as track for chariot races, religious ceremonies, Olympic games and pageants that were performed there.

Also they would put animals together and watch them fight as entertainment purpose. Circus Maximus was built for the Roman Empire and the people. The racetrack could hold up to 150,000 viewers. Circus Maximus was built between the Palatine and Aventine hills. It was 620 meters long. The circus was erected of woods for centuries. The first stone version was built sometime in the second century B.C. by the high emperor. In 31 B.C the fire destroyed the wooden structure of Circus Maximus. Emperor Augustus then rebuilt the Circus in 82 AD using stone, concrete and little amount of wood and also added an imperial box on the Palatine Hill. The dimensions of the arena were 370 meters long and 83 meters. In the mid-19th century the circus under covered the lower parts of the seating rows and outer portico...

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