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The Roman Occupation Of Britian Essay

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It is known that if you treat people well and are fair and just towards them, then they will intern be loyal and respect you. If the Romans had been fair to the people of Britain during their occupation after their invasion in 43 a.d. then they would have gained the respect of the people in England, and intern prospered as coexisting civilizations. Instead they raped and pillaged England of it's pride and honor. They destroyed the Druid religion of the people. They disrespected the customs of the Celts. They installed puppet kings to make the people think they had some in the Government. The Romans did all this from thousands of miles away. This general harsh treatment of the British people led to the rebellion of Boudicca and the sack and Burning of London.The Romans occupied Britain from 47 ad. to 450 ad. They were harsh throughout this occupation, taking the traditions away from the celts and killing there religion. The Romans forced their own religion and customs onto the people of Britain.The first invasion happened on an evening in August in 55 b.c. Two Roman legions led by Julius Caesar, sailed from Boulogne in eighty ships. They reached Dover the next day. They won the beachhead at Dover. Julius Caesar left a month later recalling that the British troops were stronger than he had thought. (10, p.19) Julius Caesar had multiple motives for his attack of Britain. First, he wished to punish the Britons for giving refuge to Celtic rebels fleeing from Gaul. Second, he had heard of the great wealth that could be found in Britain. There was supposed to be large quantities of gold, silver, lead, tin, grain, and slaves. Third was the prestige that he could gain for adding a new province on to the vast Roman Empire.(10, p.19)Julius Caesar returned in 54 bc. With 800 ships and 25,000 thousand men.(10, p.19) This was ten times larger of a force than the first time he had attacked. This time he sailed inland and landed up the Thames river. He defeated Cassivelaunus, the most powerful British King. Caesar was only able to stay for two months. Due to an insurrection in Gaul he had to remove his troops. Julius Caesar never returned to Briton again.When Claudius became emperor of Rome in 41 ad. he needed to gain respect quickly due to a physical deformity of his own. Things were also getting very hectic in Britain. Two Roman collaborators in Britain had been lost. Cunobelin, who let Roman traders in and established an early capital of Britain, had died. His estate was taken over by two sons who were reckless. They had attacked and defeated Rome's other ally Verica. Rome thought the lack of support for Verica would badly damage the prestige of Rome. This was just one of the reasons for invading Britain. Claudius also figured two legions in Britain would weaken the growing power of the Rhine garrison. Romans also thought that the only way they could suppress Druidism in Gaul was to suppress it in Britain.In 43 ad. Claudius decided to order Aulus Plautius to...

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