The Romans And Greeks: The Olympics

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Audrey Souffrant
Dan Warner
19 March 2014
The Olympics
Everyone knows what the Olympics is. It’s probably the one of the most anticipated events on television ever. People gather around their TV, with snacks and drinks. And enjoy the winnings of their country. No one really thinks about where this all started when watching the games. Or how it came to be. People often think the Romans came up with the Olympics. The Romans and Greeks did have similar styles, but the Greeks started it first. They Olympics has come a long way. Dated back to 776 B.C. People have trained and work hard to honor the gods. But in our time, our country. The Olympics has been a great achievement. Things progressed and changed. The Olympics is a great achievement.
What is the Olympics anyway? Well in modern times, the Olympics is the event where countries come together, do a bunch of sport events every four years. And every four years, it’s in a new locations. In ancient Greek, ...view middle of the document...

Today they Olympics is not all about winning. If any Olympian came close to winning, they would receive an award. Gold, silver and bronze. When the Olympics reopened, Pierre de Coubertin said, “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.” The reason for that was because, back than in ancient Greece, winning was everything. According to Nigel Spivey, he thinks that the people of today wouldn’t last in the ancient games. Because the games were dangerous, and a lot of blood was shed. Winners were congratulated while the losers, where shamed. Nowadays, everyone is a winner. Come first place gets all the glory and parse. Second place gets a prize, and third place gets a prize.
Cheating will always has its consequences. If someone cheats on test, they can suspension or even expulsion. In the modern Olympics, if anyone was caught using steroids, or false starts, they could get their medals take away. In the ancient Olympics, false starts where unacceptable. For as punishments, they were beaten. As if the game weren’t brutal enough.
The game in ancient didn’t not have as much events as today. Today we have about four hundred events in the Olympics today. In ancient Greece, there was a little over ten event. Explains why the games only lasted for five days. Games such as, chariot racing, discus, javelin, running, wrestling, and pankration. Discus, running, wrestling, and javelin are still part of our Olympics. It goes to show a lot on our past remains with us. No matter how long it’s been.
Each games has a set of rules. What you can do and what you can’t do. For example, boxing; was one of the ancient Olympics games, and one of the modern games. In ancient Greece, people didn’t have gloves to protect themselves. Eye poking and biting where the only things anybody could do. Everything else was acceptable. If someone did a low blow in today’s boxing, they’ll get a penalty or foul. This shows that a lot has changed since then.
Greece was in a time of war. Power meant everything to them. This could explain why violence was enforce in most of the game. I anybody wanted to win, blood was to be shed. The victor will receive glory, and will be considered a hero.

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