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The Romantic Journey: Tintern Abbey And Whale Rider.

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Lynn HernandezEng.2323October 12, 2003Whale Rider, Wordsworth and the Romantic JourneyThe romantic journey deals with the understanding of the static world, the spiritual world, death, rebirth and the return to the world with affirmations. Both the movie Whale Rider, and Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey" are examples of the Romantic Journey. Whale Rider is a timeless story that involves spiritual death and mystical awakenings. It features not only the proof that children have a stronger view of heaven than do adults, but also illustrates the painful fall from innocence into experience. Similarly, Tintern Abbey is an illustration of nature viewed from the eyes of innocence. Each revolves around a spiritual death and secular conversion. Each journey features a person that moves from trust in the universe to a period of doubt and despair, then to a reaffirmation of faith in cosmic goodness, or understanding. The Romantic Journey is a journey that is eternal and transcends eras both before and after the Romantic Age.The movie Whale Rider begins in a static world. While there is movement, it is an absolute mundane movement, in that nothing cosmically spectacular or out of the ordinary occurs. It is in this stale mundane movement of life that tragedy and death occur. A woman giving birth to twins dies in childbirth along with the male twin. Pai, the surviving twin, is a Maori girl living in a village on the coast of New Zealand. After the death her brother and mother's death, Pai's father leaves for Europe. Left with her grandparents and no other siblings, Pai is, essentially, alone in the world. Thus begins the community's, as well a Pai's journey.Pai's grandfather, Koro, lets her know under no uncertain terms, that he has no use for her. She tries to gain his attention and affections, but to no avail. She is a female, and therefore not worthy by his standards. For many generations, Pai's family had been the leaders of the local Maori tribe. Since the responsibility of selecting and training the next leader falls upon his shoulders and with her brother dead and her father gone, Koro desperately widens his search of all the Maori village boys hoping to find a suitable replacement. Koro's rigid belief that teaching Maori girls leadership skills is taboo, causes him to miss a potentially great leader in Pai. In her pain, rejection, and loneliness, she experiences a spiritual death, as does the entire community due to its fear of an uncertain future. Regardless of Koro's actions and rejection, Pai knows that she has actually been chosen to lead the village back to the righteous path. She has been made aware of her destiny by her grandmother, and feels it to her marrow. The town is spiritually and physically deteriorating, the young men are lazy and hedonistic, forgetting the ancient and honorable Maori ways. The village is thrust into chaos as it has moved from trust in the universe to a mindset of doubt and despair. It appears that all hope and faith in the...

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