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"The Room" A Creative Writing Piece For My High School English Class

817 words - 3 pages

I looked outside the little window, the only place where I had contact with the outside world. They stared at me when I approached the transparent material, willing me to return to the corner of my confinement where they could not see me. I felt the heat in my chest start to build up, to a point where it was about to explode. Voices resound in the little squishy thing I called my brain. The voices were many; they built up to an irritating buzz. They overlapped each other, confusing me.I banged at the window, "What do you want with me? Let me out!"No one paid me any attention. I retreated away from the window. I took a few steps back and started to pace around the little room. It irritates me, all the whiteness. Even when I close my eyes, I can feel it surrounding me. Boom, boom, boom. I could feel a soft pounding building up in my head. I hated it. I looked at the window. Hate, confusion, pain... that was all I could feel. I stared at the window. Little white transparent stuff. A white border around it. White, white, white. Why couldn't they have used some other color?Pink is such an atrocious color, honey. Why do you like pink? Oh, purple is even worse. White is the best. It symbolizes purity. And God likes it when people are pure.Well, she got her wish now. Didn't you, Mother? Now I had nothing but white around me. I was all sweaty now. I started breathing in raspy, horrid little gasps. I felt like I was about to have an anxiety attack.. Everything was going fuzzy. I thought I could see her face in front of me.Go! Bang at the window! Maybe you will het out.Taunting me. I looked around the room, twisting my head back and forth, but it was no use. No matter where I looked, she was there. No! I took a few steps back and fell over onto the padded floor. I dragged my knees up to my chest, and I held them tightly with my arms. It was no use. She was not going to leave me alone. To hell with you! She disappeared. Why did she do that to me? Why was she always doing that to me? I rocked back and forth on the floor, still in the same position. My mouth was twitching. I bit my lip, trying to hold back the torrent...

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Let's just say I had a lot of fun writing this creative writing piece, for class. Teacher gave "A" for creative use of time. Very "a la Matrix," but dont let that distract you ;)

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