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The Roommate-Theme Sitcom There are several types of genres that exist within the category of situational comedies. There is the Animated situational comedy such as The Simpsons. There are the Family-Centered sitcoms such as The Cosby's. And of course there is the roommate-themed situational comedy, represented in this study by Three's Company, The Golden Girls, and Friends. This genre study will examine the more prominent characteristics that these shows share. Settings, character themes, and conflict will all be examined in order to highlight the characteristics that these shows all have in common. One of the more obvious similarities between these shows is their setting. All three of these shows are primarily set under roof. The four Golden Girls are all roommates housed under one roof, located comfortably in suburbia. Jack Tripper and his roommates from Three's Company are all lodged in a nice apartment, as are the 6 friends that make up the primary cast in Friends. The only exception to this last example is the fact that the male members of the show Friends are stowed away in an apartment next door to the females' apartment. These settings allow for a great wealth of entertaining scenarios in each show due to the close quarters that each roommate in each show experiences. The setting of each show is such that on any given day, a character from any given show will be challenged by his or her environment. The apartments that the cast of Friends dwell in is not all that different from the setting of Three's Company. Both apartments are fairly small, which allows for potential conflicts (as will be shown later) as well as intimate bonding. Although the Golden Girls reside in a house, they too are subjected to the same joys and trials as the members of Friends and Three's Company. Each show more or less parallels the next in that they all work out any conflict, and share any happiness by the episode's end.Another way in which these three shows are tied together into one genre is their theme. All of these shows are based on the theme that various personality types are put into one household. When these personalities mix it is the source of many entertaining scenarios and hijinks. Each set of roommates contains characters that seem to be of the same mould. In Three's Company, Jack Tripper's roommate Chrissy is a friendly airhead who is very naïve and is thrust into unlikely situations by her gullibility. In one episode Jack convinces Chrissy that she has no will power, and Chrissy accuses Jack of womanizing. To prove Jack wrong Chrissy says she will not eat anything as long as Jack does not womanize. Although starving oneself is unhealthy, this is funny in the context of the show because in the end no real harm is done.In the show Friends, Phoebe mirrors Chrissy's airhead characteristics. Phoebe, like Chrissy, is usually put into scenarios by her own air headed characteristics. In one episode of Friends, Phoebe...

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