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The Root Causes And Solutions To Poverty

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The same common question comes to us all at one point,”Why are people poor?” Whether you are liberal, conservative, or have had previous experiences that pull us to believe more strongly in certain things, all of our ideas on poverty fall on the same path. Unfortunately, as reality points out, is that inside the walls of the White House, where it is commonly believed that actual progress is happening, ideas on poverty revolve around stock exchange, whose ideas only benefit those who get elected. Subsequently, these elected officials lead a group or campaign in a worthless round of unethical ideas that instead of helping poverty, increases U.S. debt. It is also commonly misinterpreted that the articles on poverty from the many journalists, newscasters, and other liberalists are quite true when discussing the causes of poverty. But many of these journalists tend to talk about the ‘symptoms’ of poverty rather than it’s root causes. So, how can we solve this issue on political pandering, public misinterpretation, and most of all, the ironic amount of poverty in such an industrial america?

First, identifying the root causes of poverty is important. Conservatives tend to believe teenage pregnancies, divorce, and lack of motivation are some of the main causes of poverty. Liberals believe racism, lower wages on different ethnicities, and other racial causes are the main causes of poverty. After identifying how our economy is shaped, yes, these are very similar causes of poverty, although, these are symptoms of poverty. Parents who are a different race, teenage pregnancies, and other causes tend to pass these traits down to their kids. But the real problem lies in how our economy is shaped.

Our economy relies on capitalism. Because of this, U.S. income is put in a pool that is split into five sections. The rich tycoons and Hollywood stars split 48% of America’s income. The upper middle class split 23%, the middle class split 15%, the working-poor split 10%, and the homeless split 4%. Splitting money this way will make it absolutely inevitable that some people will end up poor. Splitting the money into fifths of 24%, 22%, 20%, 18%, and 16% will still result in inequality, but would decrease the chances of someone becoming poor. (4)

This leads me into the idea of socialism. Many socialists believe that competition for money will allow the rich to stay rich and the poor and middle class to fight for the and deficit increases, U.S. income will slowly diminish, and the competition will increase. Equalizing the...

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