The Roots Of Homelessness And Poverty

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Have you ever wondered how homelessness and poverty effect all of us in the world? Have you ever wondered if there is any way that we can stop it or change it? Have you ever thought what this world would be like without homeless people and people that are stuck in poverty? Homeless people that are on the streets for years at a time may not have a choice on whether or not they want to be homeless. Some say that they try to get a job and find themselves a way out of homelessness, but the truth is how can someone better him/her self if the people on the receiving end won't give them a chance. There are many issues that are kept behind the walls so that people don't have to deal with the homeless and the poverty stricken people. Therefore I will be addressing the issues of why people are poor and/or homeless, how people find themselves homeless and/or poor, how many people all together are fighting the struggle of homelessness and/or poverty and how may families suffer from poverty/homelessness.There are so many different ways that men, women and children become frequently known as homeless or poverty stricken bums that don't want to find a job and better themselves for their families. But in most cases its not because they don't want to, its because no one will give them the time of day to try. Some ways that people become homeless and/or poverty stricken is from lack of education in certain industries, they are looking for better educated employers, a sudden fall in the economy and an unexpected illness which consumes all of the money in which they are using to pay for their rent and utilities. In many cases people are not prepared for the outcome of what may occur due to lack of education, unexpected illnesses, or sudden fall in the economy.Many human beings that are suffering from homelessness and/or poverty are not given the chance to work at a fast food industry or any other industry due to their lack of cleanliness and work /cloth attire. Many people that are suffering from lack of work are not able to support themselves or any other family members that may be living in the household. Therefore how does anyone expect a person in these conditions to better themselves? If we the people would give a helping hand to those that are homeless due to...

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