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The Rosewood Paper

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In the rosewood and racial violence in January 1923 lynching was common in the u’s but in the south of the united states two years before representative l.c. dyer of the Missouri introduced a bill in the house of representatives to make lynching federal crime. Dyer acted out as a voice for blacks the bill passed the house but not the south they prevented a vote resulting in the measure’s leaving the state to deal with the lynching. Although lynching had died down by sixty-four in 1921, 1922 fifty-seven years ended and lynching had fifty-one victims that were black and six that were white. That something I don’t understand fifty-one black’s not to count the ones that were gunned down and I ...view middle of the document...

Many of the black residents of Rosewood who fled to the swamps were evacuated on January 6 by two local train conductors, John and William Bryce. Many others were hidden by John Wright, the owner of the general store. Other black residents of Rosewood fled to Gainesville and to northern cities. As a consequence of the massacre, Rosewood became deserted.

The initial report of the Rosewood incident presented less than a month after the massacre claimed there was insufficient evidence for prosecution. Thus no one was charged with any of the Rosewood murders. However, as the result of new evidence and renewed interest in the event, the Florida Legislature passed the Rosewood Bill which entitled the nine survivors to $150,000 dollars each in compensation. sexually active with black American soldiers, which Florida university historian David Colburn argues struck at the heart of Southern fear Colburn connects growing concerns of sexual intimacy between the races to what occurred in Rosewood Southern culture had been constructed around a set of mores and values which places white women at its center and in which the purity of their conduct and their manners represented the refinement of that culture. An attack on women not only represented a violation of the South's foremost taboo, but it also threatened to dismantle the very nature of southern society.

Rosewood and a nearby smner constituted a precinct of 307 people in the 1910 (158 whites, 128 blacks, and 21 mulattoes) by 1920 the population had more than doubled to 638, except now blacks were a majority with 344 people, white residents numbered 294.the rosewood voting precinct in 1920 had 342 African Americans. Blacks, whites, and other race were starting to get along a little. White established a Methodist Episcopal Church pleasant hill a second (A.M.E) church, was founded in 1886. By the 1900 the community had a black majority white families move out. Threw out all the post office and school closing relocating at a new site three miles west of rosewood but rosewood survived threw out the down falls African American men work as part-time helpers around white families.
Other’s made their living by small scale farming and by trapping in the vast gulf hammock that surrounded the area. By 1916 blacks owed a sugar mill. They even organized a private school and they hired Mrs. Mahalda brown as a teacher. They also had a baseball team as well the rosewood stars that’s what they called them they played home and away games against teams in levy and surrounding counties. By 1920 rosewood had three churches; a train station a large one-room black masonic hall and a black school. In one scene from the movie Aunt Sarah gets shout for trying to tell what happened in order to save Sylvester from the mob Sarah did not say anything wrong but someone from the crowd shout and killed Sarah.
She just wanted to say a black man had nothing to do with the beating of fanny a white man did. But they were not trying...

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