The Roswell Ufo Case Essay

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The Roswell UFO Case

The Roswell case is one of the best-documented and most controversial UFO cases ever. In July of 1947 at Swobe Air Force Base in New Mexico, a small brightly glowing object was observed to crash land at about 11:30 PM. The government denied this fact in all their news releases, press conferences, and interviews. They never admitted to any kind of UFO but over the years have changed their story several times. The fact that they have changed their story so many times is one of the reasons many people suspect some kind of cover up. There were several key witnesses and eyewitnesses admitting to seeing some kind of ship crash that night. However, the government still denies the fact today no matter how much evidence is found (The New Book of Knowledge). There is just so much evidence pointing towards a UFO crash that the government can't deny the fact anymore that the Roswell case is a government cover up.

Most of the key evidence in the case comes from many of the eyewitness accounts from local farmers and people from the town of Roswell itself. On the night of July 4, 1947 the skies around Roswell were filled with a huge thunderstorm. Bright flashes of light and loud clasp of thunder erupted in the skies. Local farmer Mac Brazel and his son heard strange sounds during the night but they decided to go to sleep and look at the damage in the morning. In the morning the farmer and his son were surprised to discover an area where pieces of metal and debris were spread throughout the field. Mr. Brazel thought that the pieces looked very strange, so he loaded them in his truck and took them to Roswell, which was about 75 miles away. He gave the pieces to the sheriff who decided to call the Roswell army field. He thought that the pieces could be from the wreckage of a top-secret project but when the army checked they found that there were no projects in the area on that night (Comptons Encyclopedia 2000). Jesse Marcel and Captain Sheridan Cavitt decided to drive out to the crash site themselves. When they arrived and seen the site they decided that the wreckage was not from this world, so they decided to contact the pentagon. However by this time the pentagon already knew what was happening in Roswell and General Clemence was told to tell the Roswell Army Field that they must cover the whole thing up (
There were also many small accounts and encounters with what people believe to be UFOs in the area. There was activity in Roswell even four years before the crash, but the activity increased greatly just three weeks before the crash. Several American Air lines Planes reported picking up strange activity on there radars just 20 miles away from the sight of the crash during flights later in the evening (

Many night's witnesses also recall seeing jet fighters leave the air force base in the direction of the objects at supersonic speeds, one of these chases was said to happen on the night of...

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