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Banded together to fight for their nation against the Spanish were men of all ranks of society. A man named Henry Nash, a common thief on the run from the law was now on the same team with his Captain, Sheriff Buckey O'Neil. O'Neil had been a legendary frontier sheriff who now owned the responsibility of turning these common men into killing soldiers. Men of the finest education were together with renegades, such as Craig Wadsworth, who surprised Nash when he proved to be an outstanding horseman. All of these men who would have turned their heads instead of looking at each other in the streets, now came together, fought together, and fought for one another.Every man was under the direction of the infamous Theodore Roosevelt, who had a high education with a bit of cowboy in him. He had many accomplishments throughout his life. Before becoming a Rough Rider he had been a Governor and most previously Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He was now following the lead of Colonel Leonard Woods.Every Yankee within the Rough Riders was teamed together with the Buffalo Soldiers, the black regiment, under the leadership of "Black Jack" Pershing and under the order of the southern Senator Joe Wheeler, who was a former general in the confederate army. He was the cavalry's Commander in Cuba.These men learned to fight like soldiers in just a few days time and were introduced to new, more technological weaponry. On the way to war the men were almost left behind. They needed to get to the ship in Florida fast to leave for war when they had more than a days...

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845 words - 4 pages days aboard the battleship Iowa. The battleship U.S.S Maine was sunk and everyone blamed the Spanish for the tragedy, so in April 1889, Spain declared war on the United States. TR wanted to be in the action, so he resigned from the Navy Department to join the First Volunteer calvary. The first U.S. Volunteers were known as Roosevelt's Rough Riders. The rough riders traveled miles to Tampa to catch a ship to San Juan. But unfortunately, the ships

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408 words - 2 pages Roosevelt decided to run for a third term saying "I ment that I would not run for a third consecutive term". He lost making his legacy on remembered even more. In closing president Theodore Roosevelt was one of the greatest leaders of his time and will be remembered a hero of the Spanish-American war and for establishing the unit of army called "The Rough Riders".

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1148 words - 5 pages . He became very attached to the Navy while working with it. Theodore Roosevelt was the leader of the Rough Riders, which were the first volunteer cavalry in the Spanish American war (“Teddy Roosevelt: The Rough Rider in the White House”). This was a big deal because The Rough Riders helped America win the Spanish American war. They fought at battles such as the battle of San Juan Hill and Las Quasimas (“Rough Riders”). Theodore Roosevelt was

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1502 words - 6 pages volunteers in this unit were ranchers, cowboys, and American Indians. People called this regiment the "Rough Riders." Theodore Roosevelt was a member of this unit. On June 10, the first U.S troops landed at Guantanamo, a village southeast of Cuba. When the U.S. attacked, they easily defeated the Spanish soldiers defending this village. On June 22, Brigadier General Henry Lawton landed 6,000 men at the village of Daiquiri, about 17 miles

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