The Royal Military College As An Instrument For Molding Military Offices

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The Royal Military College as an Instrument for Molding Military Offices

To view the Royal Military College (RMC) as an instrument for molding military officers for the nation would be an accurate means of outlining the institutions objective. In the Organizational Behavior Concepts, Controversies, Applications, textbook by Stephen Robbins and Nancy Langton, organizational culture is defined as: "a system of shared meaning and common perception held by members of an organization that distinguishes it from other organizations." (Robbins and Langton 316) Like all institutions RMC is full of variables and cleavages that link peoples together in a variety of manners. There is however more than simply a catchy motto "Truth, Duty, Valor" that binds the peoples of RMC. It is the contention of this paper that at RMC there exist a deep culture, profuse with many subcultures important to the implementing of change, promoting cohesion and development of the institution as a whole.

If organizational cultures are said to herald shared meaning and common perceptions held by its members, who distinguish the organization from other organizations; one need compare RMC to similar organizations and determine if RMC is indeed distinguishable. In stating this, it is implied that by using a comparable institution to contrast RMC one will be able to see if members of RMC share a clearly distinguishable persona.

RMC harbors "institutionalization" in so far as the textbook definition is concerned. Institutionalization is; "The process whereby an organization takes on a life of its own, apart from any of its members, and acquires immortality." RMC fits nicely into this definition, as RMC is immortal in the sense that it lives on even after the commandants, cadets and everyone in between have passed on. The institutions impact on society is also immortal. While in the early part of the last century some of the original goals of RMC included producing quality officers in Canada for the war effort at the same time developing Canadian autonomy from Great Britain; today's goals and objectives are indeed different. Yet the point remains that the college did not get shut down when the mandate changed. This fact reflects its immortality.

There are many other military academies in the world; an example of one closest to home is that of the United States Military Academy, WestPoint. RMC and WestPoint have nursed a competitive rivalry since the early years of RMC. While both institutions are in the business of producing commissioned officers for their respective nations, the two academies are very different in terms of character and personality. According to the field of organizational behavior, institutions are said to have personalities just as people do. This is where culture plays a role in each respective military academy and determining the atmosphere of the institution. At both RMC and WestPoint there are differing notions of acceptable...

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