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The Rubber Man Essay

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Everyone is blessed with talent. We should be grateful for what the talents given to us. I have my own talent and you also have your own talent. Quote from Criss Jami says “when you’re truly awesome, you know that it’s actually a burden and wish day after day to be relieved of such a curse. Think of about 95% of the superheroes”. Have you seen the human body folded like cloth and shape the body by various means? The person that I mean is known as the rubber man. Do you know him?
So, for today I will share with all of you about him. There’s three things which the preview of him. That three things are the history of his life, how he developed his skills and the last is lifetime achievement.
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He can turns his hands and legs to the backwards and forwards as there are no bones in his body. He also can turn his head 180 degrees. Not only that, but with only in a small box, he can hold his body. His teacher was very impressed with his talent and declares that never saw contortionists performed by Daniel.
Now, I have done share with all of you about how he developed his skills. It’s time for me to tell about his lifetime achievements throughout his life.
Daniel holds the Guinness World for a first his achievements in 1999 for the “fastest time getting intro a locked straitjacket”. He has earned seven times Guinness World. In addition, he has created a record for the “most contortionists in a box”. In 2007, he received a record that he wanted the most that is “most flexible man, for dislocating both legs and arms and turning his body 180 degrees”.
Daniel presents his performance in his first movie, Man In Black 2. He can make disgusting scenes for scary movies. He was paired with leading stars like John...

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