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The Ruins Of America Via Popular Culture In Mass Media And Politics

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The world is full of suffering, inflation, national debt, government cuts, and starving children, but Americans convert their attention to popular culture and the high life of celebrities in the world of so-called reality and entertainment. Americans live in a society where the best drama on television is a high school chemistry teacher tuned meth dealer, and where showing off your private and most intimate body parts and details of your life makes you more money than the average CEO. With the focus on the nontrivial things in life, it’s no wonder that popular culture has ruined American society, media, and politics.
Popular culture is a lucrative business for celebrities, and it is a part of everyday living for American society. David Schwab of Octagon First Call, who represents celebrities, says that Miley Cyrus name automatically gets a brand media coverage. She has been labeled “the queen of twerk,” a lewd dance that’s infamous in the world of popular and ratchet culture. The word twerk even made it into dictionary as a new word of the year in 2013. Critics have said that she’s “exposed ugliness about pop culture” and how Americans consume it (Liss). Jody Rosen of New York magazine slammed her for her VMA performance, stating that she was “putting on a minstrel show routine” (Liss). Even though Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance was labeled “bad,” because she twerked all over Robin Thicke and fondled a foam finger, the pop culture icon is cashing in on her vulgar rituals. The performance was watched by 10 million viewers and constantly discussed on hot and cold media nationally and globally the following week. According to a marketing release site Critical Mention, Cyrus received an estimate of $79 million in free TV exposure for her little stunt (Cava, Ryan).
Not all celebrities of popular culture rise from fame from being an entertainer in the music, television, or movie industry. A vast majority of new celebrities come from a new form of popular culture – reality television. According to conservative columnist, Cal Thomas, celebrity is king, no matter how it is attained. Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton obtained their celebrity status by releasing sex tapes. “Popular culture is to the mind what sugary cereal is to the rest of the body. Overdosing on too much pop culture weakens the mind and puts it out of shape for important ideas that affect our future” (Beckel, Thomas). Kim Kardashian has only drawn attention to herself and her family in order to cash in off her lewd behavior. She has shown no respectable value and beliefs that viewers should follow. She and other pop stars are devaluing American culture and beliefs, while our soldiers are out fighting a war that will allow Americans the rights to continue on with their daily lives and rituals, even if those rituals include twerking.
USA today says there was a “media blackout” surrounding the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby in June of 2013 (Freydkin). The anticipation of a name...

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