The Rule Of St. Benedict And Beowulf Comparative Essay University Of Texas History Essay

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Brandon Hendricks
Dr. Riches
HY 101-10
23 October 2017
What Makes a Great leader?
For any society or institution to be a successful and to run efficiently it needs to have a set of rules and laws that must be followed. To help keep order there must be a ruler or superior to make sure the everyday civilians are following the laws and, not causing problems throughout the society. In Sparta they had commanders who were in control of the Spartan warriors in training, in schools we have principals and teachers who keep the students on task. Like in the previous examples The Rule of ST. Benedict and Beowulf both had a ruler and a group of people that they helped guide. In these books each of their society valued different things, Beowulf was a military based culture, while the monasteries ran a religious culture. Even though these cultures are have different values they are still able to be successful in what they seek.
In order to have well behaved monks, it is imperative to first have worthy abbots who can lead and help keep the monks on the path to salvation. Abbots and monks live in a monastery that revolves around worshipping God and spreading the religion of Christianity throughout the world. The abbots play the leadership role and are in charge of the monastery. An abbot is the highest position in the monetary because; “He is believed to hold the place of Christ in the monastery, since he is addressed by a title of Christ”(St. Benedict, 21). The monks look to the abbot for guidance as they travel on their journey to salvation, so in order to be considered as a good abbot it is important for an abbot to only teach and give instruction to the monks that are holy and pure. An abbot that is good at his job takes responsibility for the care taking of his monks,it is the abbot’s fault if a monk does something wrong or something that is against God’s wishes, “The shepherd will bear the blame wherever the father of the household finds that the sheep have yielded no profit.”(St. Benedict,22). Along with taking responsibility it is important for an abbot to hand out strict punishments if a monk commits multiple infractions,“The fool cannot be corrected with words (Prov 29:19); and again, Strike your son with a rod and you will free his soul from death (Prov 23:14).”(St. Benedict 24). It’s important for the abbot to discipline his monks or else they will stray from the path and other monks will follow, and soon chaos would happen in the monastery. If an abbot lets this happen he is an unfit abbot and needs to be relieved of his duties.Monks flee to the monastery-seeking refuge from the secular world around them. While at the monastery the monks must always follow the orders of the abbots or else he is considered an improper monk. Humility is the most important aspect in a monk’s life. By being able to show humility it allows the monks to open up to God, and most importantly realize they are nothing without God,“if you notice something good in yourself,...

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