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The Rules: No Gum. No Hats. No Cell Phones?!

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Some of the policies here at Manchester Memorial High School are absolutely ridiculous. These rules and guidelines are not found fair by many of the students - myself being one of them. For instance, chewing gum. It's not allowed when infact sometimes people will chew gum to stop them from falling asleep, and sometimes people chew gum to stop the urge to eat in class. Whatever the reason, it's not allowed. On the otherhand, it's completely understandable to why there isn't gum allowed. While some people put gum in their mouths, others will occasionally put it on the desk or on the floor. So, of course it is easy to understand why it's banned from school. Hats are also not allowed in school. The reason for this is uncertain. They say it has to do with respect. Originally it had to do with the fact that you could not see the student's eyes. Back in the old days, it was believed that when a hat was worn it would promote sleeping. Personally, I do not understand how having something on your head would make you want to sleep. Today, when students wear hats the brim is usually off to the side, backwards, or there is just no brim at all. I really don't see a problem when people wear hats in school. It doesn't change the pupil's behavior, nor does it cause a mess or chaos. But most of all, it doesn't disrupt the learning environment. Here's a question. Why are cell phones banned from school? Okay, yeah sure, it could go off. But you can just have the students turn their phones off or turn the sound off. Almost all phones can be turned to the silent mode. It's not like students will call someone in the middle of class. Of course there are games on these electronics, but I'm sure students will not play the games just as long as their teacher makes the lesson trying to be taught more interesting. The principals tell you everyday not to bring cell phones into the building. But what if you need a ride after school? They won't let anyone use the phones in the office, because they would rather have them use a payphone. I don't think so. There is no way I would ever use one of those. Just imagine all the germs and bacteria on the school payphones. I'm sure they haven't been cleaned for several years. To tell you the truth, I'm all set with getting sick. Another dumb rule is that even if the...

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