The Rules Of Avoiding Procrastination Essay

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In the life of a college student, avoiding procrastination seems easy at first assumption, but in reality, it is a brutal obstacle to cope with. At first instance, one feels like he has all his assignments and study times under control, but when one small distraction or underestimation comes into the picture, the result is procrastination. Luckily, there are many solutions to this problem. One of those solutions is for one to construct a scheduling system by breaking a large assignment into smaller subunits to ease the complexity of the material given. Another method of overcoming procrastination is to become aware of one’s work, so that he or she could avoid questionable circumstances while ...view middle of the document...

For example, a student is half way done in his project, but suspects whether what he completed approves or fails to meet the professor’s requirements. With time as a scarce source, the student is spending more time determining what is correct or wrong, than completing the assignment, eventually leading up to procrastination. To avoid confusion during an assignment, one must be aware of their needs. In the case of the project, the student should have asked questions to the professor when he or she assigned the material. Getting those early answers will allow one to set up reasonable deadlines, which is another thing that a student must be aware of. Although being aware is an advantageous plan to surviving the college life, it can have a negative impact at a social level.
A social life can alter one’s work time like a distraction and result in procrastination. To avoid a social distraction, one must find or create an environment where he or she can work in peace. For example, a personal room or library are among many areas that a student can complete his or her work with limited distractions. Within those areas, one must keep computers and phones at far distance to avoid...

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