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The Rules Of Baseball Essay

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Baseball. To some people, that means the game starts at 5. For others, it means the American pastime. And for people like me, it means a game with a bat and ball. But baseball isn’t only about hitting the ball with a bat, like every game, there are rules. Before rules can be discussed, we must first know how to play the game of baseball. The game can be divided into 4 simple sections:
The Game
Two teams of nine players that alternate offense and defense. Professional baseball has nine innings while lower levels tend to have less innings. Each inning is divided into a top half (visiting team on offense) and a bottom half (home team on offense). The innings are played until one team scores ...view middle of the document...

The batting order consists of nine players, and the play starts when the first batter waits for a pitch. If the batter hits the ball, they can start running toward 1st base and continue running as long as they feel they can’t get out. If the batter misses the ball three times, this is considered an out. They can, however, head to first base if the pitcher threw four balls that wern’t in the “strike zone”. Runs are scored when a batter runs around the whole circuit and back to home base without getting out by one of the defense players. An offense player is called a batter or hitter when batting and is called a runner when they are running the bases.
There are many leagues of baseball: Little League, High School Baseball, College Baseball, Amateur Baseball, then the Big Leagues or Professional Baseball. The rules and basic rules listed above are what is usually played in Professional Baseball. Under that, some leagues alter the rules because of the player’s ages. For example, in the Indian Wells Valley Youth Baseball Pony League Mustang Division, there are six innings, with each half having a 5 run limit rule. This means that when the offense team scores 5 runs, no matter if they have less than three outs, the game will continue to the next inning or to the bottom half of the inning. In the 6th inning, each team is allowed to score as many runs as possible until they get three outs. This is how professional baseball players play it for all 9 innings. Secondly, if one team is ahead of the other team by...

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