The Basics Of Nightclub Safety: A Brief Discussion About The Recent Nightclub Fires, Focus On The February 2003 West Warwick, Rhode Island Fire. Main Topic: Who Is Responible For Safety?

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The Basics of Nightclub SafetyIn February 2003, after a sudden increase of nightclub disasters, all of the trauma finally reached a climax when 97 people lost their lives in a mid-concert blaze. The West Warwick, Rhode Island nightclub's fire is now being dubbed one the deadliest fires in U.S. history. Some people blamed the band, whose pyrotechnics started the fire, while others blamed the nightclub's owners and managers. This disaster sparked nationwide arguments about who should be held responsible for patron's safety at such events. Public safety is the backbone to any public event. If public safety were not important, then no one would show up for special events. Public safety at nightclub concerts should be the main concern of any person involved in working the event.There are many aspects of public safety at special events. Each portion has to receive careful attention in order for a public event to be successful and safe. Venue demographics and special effects are two parts of special event safety that have to be carefully considered by both management and entertainment. If a nightclub wishes to hold a concert, management of the establishment needs to be aware of a safe carrying capacity for the building. When venue owners overload a building's carrying capacity it is possible that patrons could get hurt if the crowd shifts or if a fire starts and people begin to stampede for an exit. Entertainers at a concert must also consider the height of the ceiling and make sure that the area around the stage is not flammable if they are planning pyrotechnics. They must also take into account the ventilation system of the venue if they are using special effects such as fog machines.All of the people who are involved in making a public event come together...

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