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The Rules To Being A Good Tennis Player

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Sport players nowadays have their own strict guidelines to cope with. During my high school years, I watched the sport matches that the school offered: football, soccer, and basketball. I always arrived early to the matches, and noticed that most of the players devote their time and effort to their warm-up practices. Their practices involved performing leg, arm and throwing exercises for about an hour or two before their matches started. I watched those players struggle to complete their brutal exercises, which made me think about tennis. I was a tennis player during my last 2 years of high school, and I had to deal with intense physical exercises during my practice courses. Unfortunately, ...view middle of the document...

In other words, practicing to grip my racquet helped me to gain control of my thoughts. It taught me that achievements are possible if hard work is done. An indication that makes practicing a hand grip an important aspect in life and tennis.
Using your hands to grip a racquet gets more complex when your eyes are involved. The combination of hand and eye movement is called hand-eye coordination. During my tennis experience, I found the rule of hand-eye coordination to be an important aspect of tennis. My coach always told me to “keep your eye on the ball,” and now I know why. Eye contact is an essential when playing matches. The ball is always in constant motion during play, so having my eyes react quickly to the ball’s movement is required. Developing the sight skills also improved my hand-eye coordination. Similar to multitasking, I focus my eye on the ball while keeping my racquet in my field of vision. As I practiced my hand and eye skills, the experience helped me realize that multitasking is important in time limited situations. Completing two goals at once makes you feel like you used your time wisely. It was a lesson that drove me to learn more on the tennis court, such as a power swing. The hand-eye coordination technique is beneficial when you need to improve your power swings. Such a power swing involves adding a direct force to the ball bouncing off the racquet’s strings. With good eye vision, I was able to hit the ball down the middle of the string pattern, thus leading to a strong deflection. I even felt more control over the racquet. A ball that hits the string pattern of the racquet will only effect the strings, but not the racquet frame. For example, a ball that bounces off the strings of a racquet is more likely to be deflected without disturbing the player’s hand grip due to the vibration absorption of the strings. In contrast, when a ball hits the outer rim of a racquet, the ball is poorly deflected, because the motion of the ball was placed upon the whole racquet as vibration. So I find it as an effective tool to multitask hand-eye coordination to one’s advantage on the tennis court.
On the tennis court, when your hands and eyes are in constant motion so are your feet. Footwork is what allows you to maneuver across the court. After a few years of playing tennis, it has come to my mind that being physically fit from the waist and down would help improve my agility on the court. When I practice my footwork, I was able to move quickly on the court as the ball bounced on different areas across the court. Although it takes time to build the muscle tone in my legs, the outcomes are beneficial. I felt like my legs are stronger and leaner as I am able to push...

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