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The Running Essay

1055 words - 5 pages

“Whrr!” “Thud Thud Thud!” “Clink Snap!” Robert dashed away from the ominous shadows pursuing him. The walls of the seemingly endless maze were shifting, in unpredictable directions. Robert’s watch read: 11:30 pm. “Dang!” Robert shouted “The walls are about to close!”
As he flew through the maze, Robert remembered his first day at the Glade. A dark gloomy elevator with no doors, windows or buttons, lifted Robert up. All he knew for sure was his name, Robert. He had all of his other memories, but all faces, names and specifics were erased. It was like reading a book with every sixth word taken out. The ceiling of the elevator opened up, and Robert was greeted with the sight of the Glade. A ...view middle of the document...

There was a note inside that read: “Find the key”. From then on Robert and Thomas were focused on finding “the key”.
Robert snapped back into reality as he reached the edge of the Glade, safe from any monsters. “Thomas, what is the status of the walls?” Robert asked. “Not good!” Thomas shouted back “We won’t survive the night! You need to revert to plan B!” “Darn!” Robert yelled in frustration “You comin’ with me?”. “Of course bud,” Thomas replied. Then for the last time Robert and Thomas entered the maze. As if the people that put them there wanted to keep them there, instantly three zorg charge at Thomas and Robert. “Run!” Robert warned Thomas. As if hit by electricity Thomas and Robert were instantly zipping through the maze. Robert could hear the engines of the zorg spinning, as more and more zorg gave chase. Beads of sweat began to roll down Robert and Thomas’ face as their stamina was drained down to the point where they were running on fumes. Thomas tripped and fell on the ground, yelling “I can’t make it! Find the key!”. Robert knew he couldn’t look back as he sprinted away from his only friend. In the distance Robert could hear the agonizing cries of Thomas as the zorg tore into him. Tears forming in his eyes Robert continued to run in search of something he didn’t even know existed.
Just as Robert was losing hope, he came across a cliff. “What the…,” Robert gasped, as he looked across a vast valley. Robert was so interested by the deep valley, he didn’t notice the group of zorg slowly cornering him. While looking down the vast expanse below him, Robert heard a crack. “What was that,” Robert wondered as he turned to look behind him. “Darn! I should've looked behind me!” Robert almost yelled in frustration. Just as Robert was about to throw himself at the zorg he realized something. The zorg were not paying any...

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