The Sabbath Essay

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The Sabbath

The Sabbath has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Its
been practiced by the Jews on the sixth day of the week ;Saturday;
since the days of Jesus life and that’s the reason why you will not
see out many Jews on the Sabbath as Jesus and God explained it’s the
day of rest. Even though God rested on the seventh day (Genesis
chapter 1-2) and not the sixth this being Sunday in our calendar, but
to explain this the Jewish week starts with Sunday so Saturday is
after all the last day of their week.

Sabbath in Jewish means rest, so the Jews followed gods example and
rest from Fridays sunset to Saturdays sunset. The Jews believe that
that the Sabbath is a day set aside for God to worship him and rest.
It is celebrated at home with a special family meal on a Friday
evening and to then go to the synagogue and pray.

Unnecessary work is much avoided along with the other 39 rules the
Jews set to make the Sabbath a day of rest and to enforce these rules
there are also the 10 commandments to make the Sabbath a very strict
practice known throughout the world.

The Pharisees were these powerful preachers which spread and taught
the Jewish religion in with their own altered points, which often
ended up gaining them more control and power. The Pharisees had been
giving the complete opposite teachings and knowledge of the Sabbath.
They were taking the Jews in the wrong direction. There rules for the
Sabbath were very extravagant like no Jews were allowed to do any kind
of work or job related hobby, nothing. If you were caught doing any
job during the Sabbath day then you’d be punished and even trialed

Once they happened to catch Jesus and his disciples picking ears of
corn and mentioned to them that it was against the law to do that but
Jesus then told them of the story of when David had no food and he fed
his soldiers and himself on the holy sacred bread which was only
edible by the high priest he then said to them “The Sabbath was made
for man not man made for the Sabbath”.. By using one of the most
important individual in their religion (David) he managed to silence
them once again. (Mark chapter 2 verses 23-28)

Jesus states that in the Sabbath we should go out and do well not evil
and to help people’s lives and not destroy them. That if someone’s
dying in front of you and it’s the Sabbath you’re not going to turn
your back because of a law.

In Marks chapter 3 lines 1 to 6 is “The man with the paralyzed hand”
in this story Jesus goes in to a synagogue on the Sabbath as he is a
practicing Jew and he too does what other Jews do on a Sabbath, but he
does more; he heals a man with the paralyzed hand on a Sabbath when
you’re supposed to “rest”. People were looking at Jesus to see if he
was going to heal the man, and after he did Jesus went to...

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