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The Sacrifice Of College Athletes Essay

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Playing in the NCAA ( The National College Athletics Association ) is almost every high school athletes dream when they think about their futures as an athlete. As an athlete playing for the association, they may struggle, and have to sacrifice a lot, for no return.AAA Athletes that make billions and billions of dollars for this association, could very well be the ones struggling just to get by. There sport dominates their lives; there is no way to make money while having more than enough on their plate with being a student, and being an athlete. To these coaches, sports are the first priority, so making money just isn’t in the cards for these players.

The NCAA organization is NOT the amature organization, they claim to be.FB Although they claim that there is a reason why they do not pay their athletes, and don't offer them other benefits other than educational.AAA According to US Today Magazine, the NCAA IS not a ameture organization, and need to be giving their athletes benefits that help them in their lives outside of school and sports. They need to start being treated like human beings, not the slaves of the organization. They’re athletes, not slaves. (D.Stanley Eitzen) This is an multi-billion dollar industry making billions off athletes, that don’t even get a small percentage of their own earnings. Some may argue, that they are college athletes, and being a student comes first, which is true. Unless they have time, after school and after practice, when are they going to have a job, or make money.NE Between games and school, they have practically no time, and I think that’s what the NCAA needs to understand.

They’re many ideas swarming around that are to help athletes, but not many have even given the time of day.FB According to “Changing The System” athletes should be treated like employees, and have wages that had a price floor ( the couldn’t be lower than a certain amount ) Freshman would not be eligible to play a college sport so they could get used to the vigorous and hectic life of just being a college student, and getting good grades without the stress of sports. They should have more freedoms to do what they want. (Stanley) I personally do not believe students are financially stable enough to be a college athlete and not being paid. Not all students have parents willing, or capable of taking care of their needs while they’re playing college sports. The competitive academic environment is a lot to take in without a full schedule, just imagine being a college student, with a vigorous game, and practice schedule, and still trying to find a way to make money.

NCAA has made it clear known fact that these athletes are student athletes, but somehow sports come first?FB These athletes aren’t the ones going home at night in big houses, fancy cars, and making millions of dollars, the department heads are, and there using these athletes to make money off them. (SC) All the revenue that these athletes make; they...

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