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The Saint & The Sinner Essay

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Hamlet, one of the most complex and dramatic characters to ever cross the theater is known as the crestfallen prince that enraptures the audience with his elegant intensity throughout the concord of acts. The intricate and profound life of Hamlet is by far Shakespeare’s most popular and powerful piece he ever created. The story begins on a dark winter night on the ramparts of the Elsinore Castle in Denmark when a ghost appears, who resembled the deceased King Hamlet. Claudius overthrew the throne by murdering King Hamlet and marrying his brother’s wife Gertrude. The apparition later spoke to Hamlet and showed his son that his Uncle Claudius had murdered him by slipping poisoning through his ear and declared that Hamlet must avenge his death. A group of actors traveling through Denmark reenact the murder of his father. Hamlet has been acting as though he has gone mad and goes to speak with his mother later that night to confront her with her sins of incest that she has committed which leads to the death of the eavesdropping snoop Polonius. In the aftermath of Polonius’s death, Ophelia goes mad with grief and sorrow and commits suicide by drowning herself in the river. Hamlet is told to leave the country and boldly aborts a mission set up by Claudius for him to be killed upon arrival in England. A sword fight breaks out amongst the men which later lead to the death of the entire royal family. At this moment Fortinbras, the Prince of Norway, sees the family lying on floor dead and decides to take power over the kingdom for himself.
Hamlet is portrayed throughout the drama as a hero and a villain. In my opinion without this element of one being able to contradict his own actions the character of Hamlet could not be portrayed. Hamlet the character, a figure of immense stature, utterly dominates the action of his play, and he upstages all others. Every other character, indeed, is merely present to illuminate him: a dangerous strategy for a play, and one that Shakespeare seems not to have adopted again. As a consequence Hamlet has always laid himself open to a rainbow of interpretations in the theatre: symbolist, psychological, and political (11). It does not matter if Hamlet is showing signs of love or abhorrence; the other characters stimulate his heroism or villainies. In some parts of the play Hamlet is looked upon as if he were a villain by the other characters as stated here in an article by Bill Angus.
Hamlet can distinguish between true and false friends and that ‘hawk’ indicates Hamlet’s awareness that he is being spied upon. Harold Jenkins notes the possibility that a ‘hawk’ is a workman’s tool and adds that we may thus ‘catch a hint that hamlet sees in his schoolfellows both birds of prey and the king’s tools (2).
Hamlet is being watch even before he ever acted upon any of his pondering contemplations. Even as Polonius was accidently murdered by Hamlet for spying,
Although Hamlet was seen as a villain that had gone mad, he also created...

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