The Salary Cap Should Be Abolished In Sports

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When looking into the history of our culture, there are many subtopics that fall under the word, “history.” Topics such as arts and literature, food, and media fall into place. Among these topics reside sports. Since the beginning of time, sports have persisted as an activity intertwined with the daily life of people. Whether it is a pick-up game of football in the backyard, or catching an evening game at the local stadium, sports have become the national pastime. According to Marcus Jansen of the Sign Post, more specifically, baseball is America’s national pastime, competing with other sports (Jansen 1). Providing the entertainment that Americans pay top dollar for, live the role models, superstars, and celebrities that put on a jersey as their job. As said in an article by Lucas Reilly, Americans spend close to $25.4 billion dollars on professional sports (Reilly 4). The people that many children want to be when they grow up are not the firefighters or astronauts told about in bed time stories. These dream jobs or fantasies have become swinging a bat or tossing a football in front of millions of screaming fans. When asked why so many dream of having such job, the majority will respond with a salary related answer. In today’s day and age, the average athlete is paid more than our own president. The cold hard facts show that in professional sports, the circulation of money is endless. Certain teams in professional baseball and football are worth over millions of dollars. Consequently, the teams who are worth more are able to spend more. The issue that arises with this philosophy is virtually how much more? League managers, team owners and other sports officials have sought out a solution to the surfacing problem. Is it fair to let the wealthier teams spend more on their players than the teams who cannot afford to do so? Is it fair for a player to be limited in pay by their team’s lack of funds? The so called “solution” that was created and implemented in major sports is called the salary cap. As proclaimed by Tracey DiLascio in an article concerning the subject, “Most professional sporting organizations in the United Sates utilize a “salary cap” system to limit the amount of money a team can spend on its players” (DiLascio 1). The salary cap is a rule that places a limit on the amount of money a team may spend on players’ salaries. This rule has been inserted in major sports league such as the MLB, NFL, and the NHL. The salary cap has created two sides who argue for different causes over the salary cap issue. One side supports the players, and fuels its arguments with emotions and self-risk factors while the other side argues with numbers and fairness to justify their actions. Although I grant that a salary cap provides parity in the professional sports where it exists, I still maintain that athletes should be able to compete for the highest salary.
The salary cap was injected into different sports amongst the United States over a period of time...

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