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The Salary Of Professional Athletes Essay

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For as long as I can remember, I have heard people complaining about how much money professional athletes make. They say that these athletes don't deserve to make that much money for simply playing a game. People even get angry when they hear how much professional athletes are making in new contracts.The athletes are not being paid public money. An athlete's entire career could end in a split second. Some people believe that athletes are overpaid because they are just playing a game, however the truth is professional athletes are not overpaid.
Almost every time the topic of professional athletes salaries is brought up the phrase “Those greedy football players are earning in a year more than ...view middle of the document...

Brain surgery is even more expensive. 20 Gs is needed to cause minor brain damage. Football players subject themselves to up to 500 Gs of force when hit (31). At the end of the day, if the owner wants to give his money to Tim Tebow or Derek Jeter, who both may need it later on, that is his decision (Ator 5).
Every time an athlete steps out onto a field there is potential for a career ending injury. An average desk job does not include these types of dangers. A financial safety net is essential for athletes in case of a career that is put on hold because of an injury (Ator 3). Most athletes do not have a long lasting career even without injury. An everyday average American will retire between 65 and 75; however a professional athlete will have a much shorter career (Mueller 33). Imagine a 25 year old football star. He has everyone on his side. During a practice he goes to make a pass and gets tackled hard, blowing out his knee and ending his career. Everyone forgets about him and moves on to the next big thing. Being put through the same stress, physical and mental, that professional athletes go through effects many of them in their later years (34). Where there are knee, back, and head injuries there are always pricey medical bills (35). Athletes get paid enough to have a safety net in case of injuries and to support them in their later years.
Much of the population believes that professional athletes are paid too much money. Athletes are some of the highest paid people, only being topped by Donald Trump (Lefebvre 2). Major League Baseball may be responsible in some ways...

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