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The Sale Of Indian Textiles In Canada

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The Sale of Indian Textiles in Canada

Canada, with its economic and political stability offers a variety of business opportunities. With such a large population of immigrants, Canada is known for its acceptance of diverse cultures. English and French are Canada's official languages and there are many other languages spoken freely by diverse racial groups on Canadian soil. Many different religions are also practiced freely and peacefully in Canada.
India has a population of 986.6 million people. This country holds 15 % of the world's entire population. Within this country, a variety of cultures and traditions can be found. Christianity, Hinduism as well as the Muslim religion are all practiced freely in India. With 18 official languages and over 900 dialects, India is one of the most culturally diverse areas in the world. Tradition and heritage are very important to the Indian people. Many Hindus in India still practice the same hymns and chants created over 3000 years ago. Many Indians, both male and female still wear traditional garments whether in their native country or abroad.

The population of immigrants in Canada represents approximately 1/6 of the total Canadian population. In order to facilitate the transition for Indian immigrants who leave their native country to come to Canada, authentic, quality textiles, ranging from silks to cottons, canvasses and rugs will be made available to them. Many traditions are expressed through these textiles. Some of them tell stories or express tradition. Others are exclusive to particular areas in India, based on their design or texture.
The accepting nature of Canadians when faced with cultural diversity, as well as the large population of Indian immigrants makes Canada an ideal market in which to sell authentic Indian textiles.

2.1 Research Objectives
The objective of this project is to obtain enough information to suggest that Indian textiles can be sold profitably in Canada. A complete analysis on both India and Canada will be established in the following pages. This information will determine whether selling authentic Indian textiles in Canada through retail stores is feasible. Our secondary objective is to learn more about the Indian and Canadian cultures, political and economic characteristics, legislative systems and infrastructure.

2.2 Research Methodology
We used the Internet as our main research tool. Statistics and facts about both countries were readily available on the World Wide Web. Many sources were referred to when trying to find statistics and facts in order to lend credibility and accuracy to our paper. There were differences between some of the sources, which forced us to verify yet a third source to find answers.

2.3 Data Analysis Techniques
The data found on the web was used to investigate the many factors that enable us to penetrate this market and establish trade with India. Economic and political stability for example, is critical to trade between the...

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