"The Salem Hysteria" Explains The Events Of The Salem Witch Trials And Why They Occured When And Where They Did.

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"The Salem Hysteria"How could a society confide in the testimony of young children with no evidence supporting their accusations, such as that as the case with Sarah Good, one of the first of three to be convicted in the Salem hysteria? For anyone to understand this, we must examine the foundation of where this hysteria started. That starting point being the society in which these witch trials took place. With Salem, Puritanism dominated. In the eyes of the Puritans, who sought to purify the English church, believed they must eradicate those who threatened their beliefs, including witches or those such as Anne Hutchinson. Not only that, but the power of superstition plagued the Puritan movement with hearsay and literature that sailed throughout the new world exhibiting stories of witchcraft within other parts of the colonies and England. The Puritans also believed that the devil was just as real as the God they believed in, therefore, witchcraft being a strong possibility to the hardships and what they believed were sins in the society they lived in. To leave out the fact that a possibility of this witchcraft being the backbone of what really happened, and the fact that children wouldn't lie to the ministers of the church, how could such a devastating part of American history have occurred? Well, the diminishing of Salem's social structure made rash the murders of many innocent people. To better understand this, we must look at the time period this occurred, as well as, the economic and social divisions that took place. Also, to examine why such events of the witch trials occurred.What most people don't realize is that Salem Town and Salem Village are two separate identities within the same town, sort of. In 1692, Salem, Massachusetts, had split into two diverse areas. The reason for the split was due to a difference in economic status and class. The residents of Salem Village tended to be in the realm of poor farmers who made their keep from the goods their farms produced. The occupants in Salem Town, however, tended to be wealthy merchants with the town centering itself on sea trade.Not only was there a division between Salem Village and Salem Town, but there also became a division within Salem Village itself. People, who lived near the road that separated Salem Town and Salem Village, indulged themselves in the ever-changing economy by becoming carpenters, blacksmiths, and innkeepers ( Tindall/Shi). Farmers, however, who failed to become a part of this ever-growing opulence, saw the Salem Town's prosperity as a threat to them and their Puritan values. One of the families tied to numerous accusations during the witch trials and one of the first to condemn Salem Town's growing economic status were the Putnams ( Tindall/Shi). To make matters worse, Salem Village had appointed a new minister, Samuel Parris, who had a strict outlook on Puritan values and proclaimed that the new prosperity thriving within Salem Town was the work and influence of the...

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981 words - 4 pages In the year 1692, many important events occurred; Aesop’s Fables, a certain form of calculator, but may be most notably known are the Salem Witch Trials. There are multiple factors that are thought to be cause to the infamous Trials, yet religion plays a strongly dominant role amongst the plethora of reasons. The events of Salem Village affected the colonies immediately following the trials, yet they had a lasting influence on the development

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1329 words - 5 pages forces of religious and social fear, the smallest of offenses became a whirlwind of hysteria and delusion. From there, the events continued to spiral further and further out of control, claiming casualty after casualty until it finally lost its momentum. This massive hurricane of suspicion and confusion became the tragedy now known as the Salem witch trials. As one might imagine, it is vital to look at where it seems everything began. At the time

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2003 words - 8 pages individualism. According to traditional Puritans, any behavior that they consider strange or different from typical Puritan behavior could be the result of witchcraft and the Devil's influence in a person. Salem was vulnerable to this mass hysteria because it had experienced witchcraft on a small scale just a few years before the actual Salem Witch Trials. A laundress by the name of Goody Glover was believed to have afflicted Martha Goodwin with

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1454 words - 6 pages . It was considered a sin against God’s superiority; a strict rule against Puritan beliefs (Conforti). Although the Salem witch trials was an important and remarkable event that occurred to the Puritan people, there were not really witches in Salem, only hysteria and suspicion. In 1692, sequences of women had begun to have fits. Young girls who were trying out fortune-telling had begun to start acting as though they were being tormented. As

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1357 words - 5 pages . In the end, the Salem witch trials had resulted in nineteen hangings and a death by crushing rocks. Even though the trials were over, there were still lots of people who couldn't pay for their release because they didn't have enough money. The law stated that prisoners had to pay for their food and board before they could be released. Even those who did get out of jail lost all of their land to the government. Our American government made

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1518 words - 6 pages they were dealing with the after-effects of the British war which occurred in France, a smallpox outbreak took place, and they feared attacks from a neighboring Native American Tribe. All these events led up to people having suspicions about their neighbors and the fears of anyone who was an outsider. On January 1692 the events of the Salem Witch Trials began in Salem, Massachusetts when Elizabeth (Betty) Parris age nine and Abigail Williams age

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1549 words - 6 pages name, so they went along with what they felt would be accepted. When concerning the Witch Trials, people often rallied together and scolded those accused of compacting with the devil. I believe people simply put on a show to cover up their faults, and keep away from getting put on trial for things that may differentiate them from others of the community during the Salem Witch Trials. Works Cited Charles Brady, P. R. (2008). Document Based Questions in American History. In T. D. project, What caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of 1692 (pp. 1-14). Evanston, Illinois: The DBQ project. Miller, A. (1976). The Crucible. New York, New York: Penguin Group.

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1537 words - 7 pages to the fact that much of the physical evidence does not exist. Rumor and legend have mixed over the years, making it difficult to know what truly happened. Twenty people lost their lives in what is commonly known as one of the most hysterical events to plague American history. The Salem Witch Trials, though they only lasted nine months, have forever impacted the use of the judicial system to determine religious crimes. Works Cited Salem Witch Judge by Eve LaPlante The Salem Witch Trials by Lori Lee Wilson The Salem Witch Trials Reader by Frances Hill 6 Women of Salem by Marilynne Roach Witch Hunt, a documentary of the History Channel

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2769 words - 11 pages the witch trials to regain and keep control. It is stated in Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England that, 'the function of the county court was to maintain social control' The authorities in the courts (judges) were so adamant in their beliefs that they made people change their testimony when they were on trial. The slave Tituba (fortune teller) realised this and gave testimony that would pleas the judges. Since she confessed her sins

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2698 words - 11 pages asked to aid with the girls' illnesses by making a witch's cake to find their culprit and after this did not work, she was arrested four days later for being a witch herself. Each of these three women was examined by local Salem officials before they were sent off to await trial in a Boston jail. The girls, who these witches had supposedly inflicted sickness upon, were also present during these trials to show the court how much pain the three

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823 words - 3 pages forgiveness. She claimed that she had not acted out of malice, but was being deluded by Satan in denouncing innocents, like Rebecca Nurse. To conclude, the Salem Witch Trials were not only executing “witches,” but were executing innocent men and women. This known fact led to the termination of the Court of Oyer and Terminar. The SWTs finally ended in 1711, when the Massachusetts legislature made payments to the families of the witch hunt

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858 words - 4 pages of flying through the air on brooms with Sarah Osborne and Sarah Good (Mastin). The town was horrified, as anyone would be, not knowing if it was a hoax or a true nightmare. As a precaution of the trials, the officials would shave the assumed witch and try to find a “witch’s teat” or the “Devil’s mark.” If one was found, they would poke a needle into it, and see if it bled, ichor or blood (Mastin). If the witch bled ichor, they would be

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1693 words - 7 pages the accused, fourteen women and five men” ; these events are known as the Salem Witch Trials. “The Salem Witch Trials happened between February of 1692 and May of 1693 in Essex, Suffolk, and Middlesex counties of colonial Massachusetts. They consisted of a series of hearings and trials that were brought before the local magistrate in order to prosecute people accused of witchcraft. More than 150 people were accused and arrested of practicing