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"The Samurai's Garden" By Gail Tsukiyama.

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The essay is about the relationship between two of the characters in the book. The title of the essay is Father Matsu and Son Stephen, why? Well, although these two characters are not related the relationship that evolves seems just that.Father Matsu and Son StephanIn the ideal world every father and son relationship resembles the kind of love and bonding shown on the "Leave it to Beaver" sitcom. Unfortunately, we do not live in a make believe world where all is perfect. Even though The Samurai's Garden written by Gail Tsukiyama is a fictional story, it addresses real relationship issues. These are issues all people can relate to such as the non-verbal father that conveys no emotions. However, the relationship sons search for with their fathers are often birthed with someone else. This is exactly what occurred when Stephen spent some quality time with Matsu in Tarumi, Japan, due to Stephens Tuberculosis. Stephan discovers the difference of personalities between his father and Matsu, as well as the realization of the beautiful connection that he and Matsu slowly nurtured.Stephan's father is a man that loves his family on a business level. He fulfills his obligations the best he can, but never knows how to show true affection. He treats his personal life much like his business life with short and logical answers. The famous cliche, "Don't take it personal, its just business," comes to mind. In a cold-hearted manner his father explains his justification for having a twelve-year affair with another woman. "'There has always been enough money to cover all the household expenses, including Mah-mee's spending.'"(pg.83) A perfect example of Stephan's father meeting his obligations to his family. As, his explanation unfolds we also see the main motive to his fathers actions. "'She(the Japanese mistress) has devoted her life to me...I've always followed my judgment in everything, weighing one decision against the other. But in this matter, I didn't have any choice but to follow my heart.'"(pg.84) This is only an excuse for his desire to be happy even at the cost of hurting his family. He operates much like businesses trampling over anyone to acquire success. Caring, is exactly what Stephen's father is not, however, Matsu's personality seems to be the very definition of these word.Matsu's good heart shines throughout the story. Although he seems reserved and almost withdrawn when Stephen first meets him, he soon finds out Matsu's actions speak volumes about who he is. "'With Matsu, everything is in what he does not say.'"(pg.59) However, when Matsu does say something it is said with true genuine feeling. A wonderful example of this is when Matsu and Stephan had just finished putting out the wild fire that had started in Yamaguchi, and Sachi was commenting on how brave they had been. "'Bravery is when you step in to help when you have nothing to lose,'"(pg.123) and Matsu lovingly answers, "'We had more to lose than you could know.'" (pg.123) Just with a...

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