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The San Fermin Festival And The Running Of The Bulls

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The San Fermin Festivaland the Running of the BullsThe San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, has been celebrated for centuries. The festival honors San Fermin. The festival itself is exciting, however, the focal point of the festival is the running of the bulls.San Fermin was the son of a local patriarch of Pamplona in the third century A.D. ( One day a French bishop named Saturnino came to preach to the local heathens of Pamplona. His preaching affected San Fermin so much that San Fermin traveled to Toulouse, France to study and become a bishop. Once San Fermin completed his studies he returned to Spain to spread the word of God around the area of Amiens. However, he apparently ran into some conflict with the local powers-to-be in the area because they did not like the fact that he was spreading Catholicism. They had him beheaded. San Fermin's body is in a cathedral near Amiens, but some parts of the body were given as valuable relics. Three such relics found their way to Pamplona around the Middle Ages and made San Fermin popular in that area. San Fermin became so popular that the populance of Pamplona started having an annual festival to celebrate him ( festival of San Fermin is held every year from July 7 to July 14. On the first day of the festival an elegant procession is held honoring San Fermin (Time Life Books 57). Throughout the festival street vendors set up shop and sell their goods. Most of these vendors sell red scarves. The tradition is to purchase a scarf and not put it on until the first rocket is shot, signaling the beginning of the race. The scarf signifies the blood shed by San Fermin. The festival is somewhat similar to Mardi Gras in the United States. It can get wild and there is excessive drinking by the participants (Time Life Books).The most exhilarating event of the San Fermin festival is the running of the bulls. Every morning from July 8 through July 14, the running of the bulls is held in Pamplona. Thousands come to the city to observe and participate ( The participants should arrive no later than 7:30 at which time no one else will be granted entrance. Around 7:55 the runners sing a salute to San Fermin asking him to protect them during the run ( must adhere to many rules when participating in the race. You must be at least eighteen years of age to partake in the run. It is forbidden to:·go over the policed barriers that the police have erected. These barriers have been constructed for everyone's safety.·carry objects that may hinder the correct running of the bulls. It is important that no one carries objects such as cameras or purses. If a participant were to drop their belongings they may feel compelled to pick it up. Runners must not stop running until the bulls have passed them. If a participant were to bend down and pick up something they dropped it could cause a serious...

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