The San Francisco Earthquake Essay

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The San Francisco Earthquake

Heavily damaged buildings in the Marina District of San Francisco

Heavily damaged buildings in the Marina District of San Francisco

House destroyed by Loma Prieta earthquake

A house in the mountains north of Santa Cruz, California, destroyed


Ground view of collapsed building, Marina District

Fire following earthquake….


The Earthquake eyewitness account of Howard Livingston

“I was awakened by a violent shaking of the house accompanied by a
roar and the sound of cracking wood. My brother and I leaped out of
bed and stood in the doorway of our room until the shaking stopped. I
could hear the crash of falling bricks outside and heard my father
say, "This is certainly a real earthquake." It was already light,
5:18am I noticed by the hall clock. We hurriedly dressed and went
outside where we found most of our neighbors talking excitedly. Our
immediate reaction was one of relief that our broken chimneys had not
come through the roof. Our house and the other frame houses in our
area appeared to have withstood the quake except for the chimneys.
Someone pointed to the southeast, and we saw a heavy column of smoke
rising from downtown.

I left for work but had to walk, as no streetcars were running. I was
employed as an apprentice machinist at the Vulcan Iron Works located
at Kearny and Francisco Street at the foot of Telegraph Hill. At the
iron works I found some of the employees had reported, those able to
reach the plant on foot, and all were busy talking about their
experiences. The superintendent realized that we were uneasy and soon
sent us home.

I returned to our house and found my parents and the eldest of my
sisters there. Most of the neighbors were also at home. We gathered in
groups on the sidewalk, watching the ever-spreading smoke and

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