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The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

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On December 14th 2012, just 11 days before Christmas, an awful tragedy happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty-six people were shot at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. This awful event left a lot of unanswered questions and rumors about that day. The reason for that is because the shooter killed himself after shooting twenty young children and six adults. This tragedy open the eyes of everyone; made you want to hug your loves one just a little tighter, appreciate what you still have and never take a day for granted. Even our president Barack Obama felt the pain of all those who lost their loved ones in this event. He insured everyone that he will do everything in his power to make sure ...view middle of the document...

However, he grabbed three guns from the home and was wearing a military vest when arriving to the school. The school had a brand new security system; the doors were locked when Adam arrived. He used an assault weapon to shoot his way into the schools entrance. When he got inside of the school the first victim he shot was the principal Natalie Hammond, after she went out to the hall to see what was going on. When shots were heard an announcement went out to the overhead for the students and staff. Students were rushed into bathrooms and closets by teachers. After shooting the principal and a few other staff in the office entrance, he continued towards two classrooms of Kindergarteners and first-graders, police states. The first classroom he shot all fourteen students. In the other classroom with the first-grade students the teacher Victoria Soto, only 27, moved her students away from the door and stood in front of the door. Adman saw her and burst in the room and shot her plus six other students. All these killings were done with the Bushmaster rifle. While all this is happening the first call came approximately around 9:30 that morning. The first officer arrived on the scene of the Sandy Hook school shooting two minutes and 41 seconds after the first police radio broadcast of the shooting. When law enforcement officers got there none of them ever discharged their weapons. Adam had took his own life but pulling out his handgun and shooting himself in a one of the classrooms as officers approached (Sandy Hook). Officer Sedensky states that, “A lot of bullets fired in not a lot of time. It is currently estimated that the time from when the shooter shot his way into the school until he took his own life was less than five minutes." After Adam has shot himself, police secured the building and escorted students and faculty to the nearby fire station where parents and family members were waiting scared to death hoping for their children come out safe (Sandy Hok).No one knows still from this day the reason for this event to ever have happen, only the shooter could answer that question. Even though Adam Lanza killed himself, there are still questions we want to know about him and why he did this.
It’s crystal clear that something was wrong with Adam Lazna to make him want to shot his way through an elementary school killing completely innocent people. However, the question is still left unanswered today why Adam did what he did. According to Peter Lanza, the father of Adam, he states that Adam was thirteen when a psychiatrist diagnosed him with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism not associated with violence. However he believes the syndrome “veiled a contaminant” that wasn’t Asperger’s (Newtown) Although, according to the article “The Sandy Hook Effect:..”, “whether true or not it is irrelevant and unhelpful because millions of people have spectrum, and 99.99% of them will never commit an act of mass murder. So the moment we turn to diagnostic...

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