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The Sandy Hook Shooting Essay

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Have you ever thought of questioning the Sandy Hook shooting? Well if you haven’t now is the time to do so. When people think of Sandy Hook, they think what kind of person would go shoot up a school and kill many children. Some individuals believe that it happened and some believe that the government was involved and had planned it all. People shouldn’t feel that way because it’s not a true tragedy. Why should the government make a big scene for nothing, there was not a point in making other schools in America feel threatened? Social media has many ways in proving things right, but in this case Sandy Hook is proven to be false due to many conspiracies.
A small town in Connecticut has a school named Sandy Hook. In the town of Newtown, Connecticut there was an accident that happened at an elementary school on December 14, 2012. According to many, this was a terrible incident. Many children, from the ages 6 to 8, and teachers were shot. As many as twenty students and six teachers were killed. Police identified the shooter as Adam Lanza. (Guarigla) Lanza was a twenty year old male with Aspergers. It is believed that he shot and killed his mother, Nancy, with a .22 Caliber Savage Mark 2 rifle while she was in her bed. (Sandy Hook Report) He was wearing black fatigues, black pants that soldier’s wear, and a military vest. When he appeared at Sandy Hook, he arrived with three guns. One was an AR-15 assault rifle made by Bushmaster, a pistol made by Glock, and a Big Sauer. All of the guns that he owned and used at Sandy Hook were all legally registered and legally owned. (Shermer) Once he got all settled, he made his way to the entrance. The doors were locked so he decided to use an assault weapon and shoot his way through. On December 14, there were about 700 students at school. His first target was the hallway with the kindergartners and first-graders. Vice principle, Natalie Hammond, and Mary Sherlach had heard gun shots and went out to see what was going on. Mary was shot and killed, but Natalie was wounded and returned alive. The shooting occurred around 9:30. He shot fourteen students in one classroom. Once he shot the students and teachers, he decided to take his own life away. The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection were now involved. They were the first ones that Sandy Hook called to the scene. People were just shocked and didn’t know what to say about this event. Parents were worried that it was their child and hoped that it wasn’t. This event made the world news within an hour.
Only certain people know what actually happened on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook. To start it off, police parked one-fourth a mile away from the scene and they weren’t in such a hurry. No trauma helicopters were ordered to go to Sandy Hook. None of the paramedics were allowed to go inside the school. There were no video tapes set up in the elementary school. All of the guns that were reported at the crime scene were never found. A...

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