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The Sat Test For College Students

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In the United States, college is the path to success. A college degree has not mattered more at any other point in US history. A college degree allows for one to pursue their dreams in whatever field they choose, more opportunities than a high school diploma alone would allow. College is also a gateway for those less fortune economically to succeed in life through continuing their education. In recent years there has been an influx of high school students applying to colleges in search of better jobs in the future. Because of the increase in college applicants admissions officers have been relying more and more on SAT scores to make admission decisions. Two years ago “1.6 million students took the SAT” which has increased in recent years (Lewin). With the increased amount of students applying to colleges it is more difficult for admission officers to choose good, well rounded applicants. College admission officers and colleges “set a cutoff SAT […] score below which students will not be considered for admission” (“The SAT isn’t the Problem”). Standardized tests have become the crutch that admissions officers rely on to choose perspective students. There have been many criticisms of the SAT in general which has led the CollegeBoard to change the format of the test multiple times. The general deciders for college admittance are the SATs, high school grades, high school rank, entrance essays, and extracurricular activities, in that order. Standardized test such as the SATs “continue to be used as an objective measure for college admittance” even with the flaws that come with the use of them (Deerman et al.). This shows that this standardized test has great influence in America, whether positive or negative. Though SAT scores make it very easy for admission officers to admit or reject students, due to the innate flaws of the SAT, it should not be used as the foundation of college admittance.
The SAT has had many changes throughout its history, changing its meaning and purpose with it. The SAT is a standardized test “originally based on Army IQ tests” (“Standardized Tests”). Tests that measure IQ are thought to measure innate intelligence and ability. In the beginnings of SAT testing certain groups, like minorities, scored far lower than their Caucasian counterparts. These results gave the impression that Caucasians were innately more intelligent than minority test takers. The SAT testing innate intelligence was criticized because of this. Due to this negative image associated with the SAT, it changed its original name from the Scholastic Aptitude Test to the Scholastic Assessment Test and eventually to just simply the SAT in most recent years (Gilroy). Though the SAT went through an identity crisis, the SAT was originally formed to give students that were not of the elite private high schools an opportunity to show their skills and attend selective colleges. In recent years the SAT seems to be...

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